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Student Car Insurance

What is car insurance?

Having car insurance ensures you are covered financially if the worst were to happen to your car. Such incidents could involve damage from an accident, theft, vandalisation and fire damage. Car insurance means you won't have to dig into your pocket to pay for potentially huge repair or replacement costs.

Car insurance is a legal requirement for cars driving on public roads. You will be heavily penalised if you are found to be driving without insurance. The minimum level of coverage you must legally have is third-party car insurance. Third-party insurance covers the damage to another person's car, for example, in a collision accident, but provides limited cover for your vehicle.

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How much does car insurance cost?

Car insurance is either made up of an annual or monthly premium. Annual premiums are paid in a single lump sum when a policy is purchased; monthly premiums require a deposit and a monthly direct debit. Many factors come into play that will affect the cost of your car insurance. It needn't cost the earth when you take the time to compare premiums.

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What Is Student Car Insurance?

Student car insurance is a policy designed for drivers currently enrolled in school or university. These policies may offer special discounts or features to make coverage more affordable and tailored to the unique needs of students.

What Types Of Coverage Are Available?

Most student car insurance policies offer a range of coverage options, including liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and personal injury protection. Depending on your needs and budget, you may add additional coverage such as roadside assistance, rental car coverage, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Student Car Insurance?

The cost of your student car insurance policy will depend on various factors, including your age, driving history, location, car type, and the coverage you choose. Additionally, many insurers offer discounts to students who maintain good grades or take driver safety courses.

How Can I Save Money On Student Car Insurance?

There are several ways to save money on your student car insurance policy. First, consider raising your deductible to lower your monthly premium. You may also be eligible for discounts if you have a good driving record, are a safe driver, or take driver safety courses. Additionally, you may be able to save money by bundling your car insurance policy with other types of insurance, such as renters or homeowners insurance.

Why do you need student car insurance?

So you’re off to university, do you bring your car? There are many benefits to having your vehicle with you at university, from a quick trip to the shop to the long journey back home. Nothing is worse than taking out the wrong student car insurance policy.

Owning a car gives you freedom during student life, but keeping your vehicle on the road isn’t cheap. With university fees and living expenses to factor in, car insurance can be an expensive burden. We’ve outlined a few things to watch out for to ensure you get the best deal.

Higher risk

Student car insurance can often be expensive; students are usually young and inexperienced drivers, which makes insurers wary. As such, premium prices can be steeper due to the heightened risk of an accident.

One savvy method to keep prices down is to be wary of where your car is parked while at university. Before deciding on student accommodation, consider local crime rates – car theft and vandalism. You may be surprised by how much policy prices vary depending on your car’s location.

Buy a suitable car.

If you haven’t already, carefully consider what type of car you are driving. More power often means more expensive insurance policies… so buy sensibly!


Improving the security of your car means reduced risk, leading to reduced costs. Installing an immobiliser or a wheel lock will help to lessen your risk.


It can be hard not to drive around for hours when you have your car, but this can significantly impact your insurance prices, so try to walk when you can!

There are more options to help minimise your policy price, including adding an experienced named driver to your policy, so be sure to consider all the different options. It cannot be easy to select an approach that’s right for you, but at Insuro, we compare various student policies to ensure you choose the right one.

Student Car Insurance in the UK: Tips for Finding Affordable Cover

As a student, owning a car can be a convenient way to get around, but finding affordable car insurance can be a challenge. Here are some tips for finding cheap student car insurance in the UK:

Consider your car

The type of car you drive can significantly impact the cost of your insurance premiums. Cars with smaller engines and lower values are generally cheaper to insure, so it’s worth considering these options to keep costs down.

According to Matt Oliver, the spokesperson for GoCompare, “The type of car you drive can have a big impact on the cost of your insurance premiums. Cars with smaller engines and lower values are generally cheaper to insure, so it’s worth considering these options to keep costs down.”

Why compare student car insurance quotes?

Comparing quotes from different insurance providers is a great way to find affordable student car insurance. Many comparison websites can help you compare quotes quickly and easily.

According to Charlotte Clark, the head of household products at Direct Line, “Comparing quotes from different insurance providers is a great way to find affordable student car insurance. It’s important to look for a policy that offers the right level of cover for your needs but also fits within your budget.”

Consider telematics insurance

Telematics insurance, also known as black box insurance, uses a device in your car to monitor your driving behaviour. This can include speed, braking, and acceleration, and insurance providers can use this data to calculate your insurance premiums based on how you drive.

According to Mark Gallimore, the director of underwriting and pricing at RAC Insurance, “Telematics insurance can be a good option for students, as it can help lower insurance premiums’ cost. You could see significant savings on your premiums if you’re a safe driver.” <h2>Consider adding a named driver</h2>

Adding an experienced driver, such as a parent or family member, to your policy as a named driver can also help lower your insurance premiums. This is because insurance providers see an experienced driver as less of a risk, which can help reduce the policy’s overall cost.

According to Matt Oliver, “Adding an experienced driver as a named driver can help to lower the cost of insurance premiums for students. However, it’s important to ensure that the car’s main driver is the person who uses it the most, as misrepresenting the main driver can invalidate your policy.”

By following these tips, students can find affordable car insurance that meets their needs and fits within their budget. Remember to compare quotes from different providers and consider the type of car you drive to help keep costs down.

Why Should I Choose Insuro For My Student Car Insurance?

Insuro offers access to various policies to fit your specific needs and budget. Our team of insurance experts can help you find the right policy for your situation and answer any questions you may have along the way. Plus, you’ll find competitive rates and a convenient online quote process to get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

Are you looking for student car insurance in the UK? With so many outgoings and limited funds, saving money as a student is essential. Save money by using an insurance comparison service to find the cheapest student car insurance quote available.

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Why is student car insurance so expensive?

Car insurance rates are not high for students, but instead, the age bracket most students fall into. Drivers aged 17 – 24 statistically have more accidents than their older counterparts.

This is due to their lack of driving experience. As well as this, students usually live in areas with cheaper rent and higher crime rates, thus raising the chances of car vandalism and theft. In an attempt to safeguard themselves from this risk, insurance companies charge students higher premiums.

Factors to consider when opting for this type of insurance

Student car insurance is just like regular car insurance. You will want to compare different insurance companies and look at all the options offered. This will allow you to ensure you have all of the coverage you need.

The rates that you pay will depend on several different things. One of the first factors you must consider is how old the car is. For the most part, the older the vehicle is, the more expensive it is to insure. Next, you will want to look at the car’s value. It will also affect the rates that you pay.
Another factor would be the safety features of the car. The more safety features the car has, the lower your rates. You will also want to compare different deductible levels. High deductible levels will usually lower your rates, but you must pay more if you are in an accident.

On average, student car insurance costs around £1,040 a year. This price will probably be the same for almost every college student. This is because, in most cases, your rates will not be based on where you go to school.

What are the requirements for student car insurance?

If you are a student driver or have a student driver in your family, you might have wondered how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers. Generally, the requirements are higher for younger drivers. These include:

Do I need to insure my car as a student?

If you drive at all, you’ll probably need car insurance. Your driving record is never likely to be as bad as the records of other college students, but accidents happen, and insurance companies treat them as if they do.

You need to be aware of two main types of insurancethird-party liability and comprehensive. The level of cover you choose will depend on how likely it is that you, your family, or someone else will be involved in an accident.

The term “student car insurance” may refer to either of two types of insurance: liability-only and full coverage. Liability insurance covers only damages or injuries you cause to others or property. Full-coverage insurance covers you for damage to your vehicle and personal effects, as well as injuries you cause to other people.

Liability-only insurance is cheaper; it covers injuries to others but not to your vehicle. Full-coverage insurance is more expensive, but it pays for damages to your vehicle and injuries you cause to others.

Many insurance companies offer special student rates.

How to find cheap student car insurance (UK):

While car insurance is something you cannot escape as it is required by law, there are things you can do to lower your premium.

Can you get a student discount on car insurance?

Most insurance companies offer discounts to students with good grades. The discount is usually 5 or 10 per cent, but the bigger the discount, the harder it is to get it. For example, an insurer might offer a student with straight A’s a 20 per cent discount, but a student with B’s may get only 10 per cent.

When a student gets good grades, the insurance company knows the student doesn’t get into too much trouble. The student’s grades are a reliable indicator of good behaviour. The insurance company gets extra security; the student now pays lower premiums.

The same logic applies to people who volunteer. Everyone likes people who volunteer. And volunteer work is often a reliable indicator of good behaviour.

Insurance companies use similar logic when rating driving records.

A student with good grades will probably drive safely, and the insurance company can count on that. A student with good grades may drive too fast, but the insurance company may discount that risk.

What types of car insurance are available to student drivers?

There are six types of car insurance that student drivers can opt for. Each type includes different amounts of cover.

Comprehensive car insurance

This covers you for damage to your car as well as third-party damage (in other words, other people). Comprehensive insurance covers damages to the vehicle resulting from fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, glass breakage, and contact with animals. Comprehensive insurance is often required by law if you have financed your vehicle.

Third-party only insurance

This only covers you for third-party damage. Third-party-only insurance covers you when you drive other people’s cars while they are in the passenger’s seat.

Third-party fire and theft insurance

This covers you for third-party damage, as well as theft and fire. Third-party fire and theft insurance covers you when you drive other people’s cars while in the passenger’s seat or the boot.

Fully comp insurance

This covers you for damage to your car as well as third-party damage. Fully comprehensive insurance is a more expensive option. The comprehensive policy usually costs less, and third-party-only insurance is the cheapest.

Fully comp insurance covers you when you drive other people’s cars while they are in the passenger’s seat or while they are in the boot or parked.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance only protects the driver, not the vehicle. Therefore, if you are responsible for the accident, you or your own car insurance will have to pay for the damages.

Collision insurance

Collision insurance provides physical damage coverage for the vehicle. Collision insurance covers damages to the vehicle resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object.

Why should I use Insuro?

Student car insurance in the UK can be challenging to find, but with Insuro, you can get a great deal on your premium. We compare 100s of insurance quotes from 100s car insurance companies in a matter of minutes and give you a quote based on your profile. It’s quick and easy!

Through partnerships with leading insurance companies, we can help you find the lowest price for car insurance that meets your needs. Whether it’s comprehensive protection or liability-only coverage, Insuro has you covered!

“The information on this page is for editorial purposes only and not intended as financial advice.” Insuro is not responsible for the results provided by


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