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Horse owners inevitably develop an emotional bond with their animals which is quite unlike something they would feel for a common house pet. This often makes looking at your horse in terms of financial cost very difficult as the expense is not something horse owners like to carefully consider. It is often only when it is too late to do anything that horse owner’s regret not having taken out a horse insurance policy.

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The welfare of your animal is no doubt your priority, but often healthcare bills for your horse can be incredibly expensive and as a result it can become very difficult to manage should an injury or illness strike. Carrying out a horse insurance comparison could help you to insure against the financial cost of otherwise unmanageable veterinary bills.

It’s a sad fact that horses are also sometimes stolen. Although this is a devastating blow to any horse owner, some financial compensation from your horse insurance policy can ease the blow slightly.

All horse owners should be aware that a recent change in the law means you are now liable for any damage or injury that your horse does to other people or their property; regardless of whether you are an owner who has taken every measure to ensure the safety and welfare of your horse and the general public. This makes it even more vital that you are protected with third party liability insurance cover.

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The change in the law is naturally leading many more horse owners to insure themselves with full equine liability cover. The cost of equine liability insurance is very reasonable indeed when compare to the potentially massive cost of having to defend against a third party liability claim.

It has never been more important to protect your horse and yourself against any damage your horse could do. With comprehensive horse insurance from a dealer who knows the equine insurance market well, you could insure your horse’s wellbeing and make sure you protect against any other financial implications.


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