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Static & Touring Caravan Insurance Comparison

Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance is not legally required. However, the protection it provides is a welcome relief in the event of an accident. There are two main coverage types to consider when comparing caravan insurance: Static and Touring. It’s a common mistake to assume that caravan insurance applies to motorhomes; it is a different kind of insurance.

What is Static Caravan Insurance?

Static caravan owners often prioritise slightly different areas of cover. Some of this is obvious, as static caravans won’t be in road traffic accidents. Some may be less obvious. For example, many home insurance policies protect the contents of your touring caravan while it’s parked at your home. However, the contents of a static caravan will not benefit from this.

Because of location, you might prioritise fire, flood, or other covers when you compare caravan insurance.

What is Touring Caravan Insurance?

You may not be road-legal if your caravan and car have a combined weight of over 3,500kg. This can invalidate your insurance while on the road, so this may be something you wish to avoid!

Your car handbook and caravan documents should tell you their weights.

What Exclusions to Watch For?

Typical exclusions for caravan insurance include:

If you’re concerned about any of these, check your policy to avoid these exclusions.

Emergency Repair Coverage

Investigate if the insurance policy includes coverage for emergency repairs, which can be critical for static and touring caravans that might encounter unexpected issues.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Consider if the policy provides replacement cost coverage or actual cash value for the caravan in case of a total loss, which can significantly affect reimbursements.

Public Liability Insurance

Check if the policy includes public liability insurance, protecting you against claims if someone is injured or their property is damaged due to your caravan.

Seasonal or Occasional Use Adaptability

Examine if the policy is adaptable for seasonal or occasional use, which can affect coverage levels and premiums for caravans not used year-round.

How do you compare Caravan Insurance?

Fill out the linked form for a selection of quotes tailored to you. Make sure you take the time to read all the best offers and pick out the policy that’s best for you.

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