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It’s a common mistake to assume that a trailer hitched to your car will be covered by your car insurance policy. The chances are, though, that this isn’t the case; very few car insurance policies cover it as standard, and there aren’t many which offer it as an optional extra. Not only are you likely to have to insure your trailer separately if you want it to be insured, but you should be aware that many insurance policies for your car count a towbar as a modification that you need to declare when dealing with your car insurance – so take that into account, too!

Trailer insurance is a specialised form of motor insurance that provides cover for trailers. Trailers are usually towed by cars and caravans. However, some trailers are designed to be pulled by specialist machinery such as tractors, which require specific types of insurance.

Towing a trailer can be more dangerous than driving a car or caravan. This is because trailers are larger and heavier than cars and caravans and so cause more damage if they collide with other road users.​

Insurance for trailer owners provides cover against loss or damage to your trailer, your personal possessions in the trailer, and in some cases the loss of business income if you’re using your trailer for work when it’s damaged or stolen.

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You can tow some smaller, lighter trailers from your motorcycle – but again, you’re probably not going to be insured to do so. Some motorcycle insurance policies may even forbid towing with your motorcycle; however, others offer cover as standard, as a paid add-on, or allow you to declare your trailer as an accessory.

It’s important, when insuring your trailer, to also be aware of any effect it may have on your vehicle insurance, as we’ve already gone into. Perhaps more important is to make sure that the policy you choose is the one that best suits your situation and needs.
Comparing insurance policies online is a great way to find out the pros and cons of different policies, but once you sit down with them, it’s important not to just take the first policy that looks roughly right, but to keep checking until you find something ideal.
Compare Trailer Insurance and get an exclusively tailored trailer insurance package that offers insurance cover for trailers including Food Trailer Insurance, Catering Trailer Insurance, Fast Food Trailer Insurance. Cover can include, but is not limited to, box, flatbed, transport, tipping or horse trailer.

Check your policy automatically includes accidental damage, fire and theft cover and that if your trailer is less than 3 years old ‘new for old’ cover are provided as standard.

Also looks for policies that also extends to include Replacement Hire if the trailer becomes unusable for 24 hours because of a loss or damage. Furthermore many policies offer Public Liability cover as well as use throughout Europe should you wish to operate your trailer outside the UK (including sea crossings).

The advantage of using this tool is that you are not just checking out on trailer insurance company you are comparing many at the same time, saving you both time and money. This can be done by quoting online using the interactive online quotation facility.

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