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As a hotel, your business needs the same basic insurance as all other businesses:

You will usually want to carry Buildings insurance, protecting your business against the risk of damage to the property itself. Business Interruption insurance, which protects you against losses incurred if you must temporarily cease trading, is often recommended.

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Hotel contents insurance is also recommended. Contents insurance can be complicated for a hotel. It must protect the hotel fixtures but it’s recommended that it also cover guests’ possessions – something much harder to properly evaluate.

There are many other optional extras you may need. For example, if your hotel serves alcohol, you may want to insure against losing your licence.

When comparing hotel insurance policies online, it’s important to read all your options through carefully. Make sure that the cover your business needs is included. Check for any exclusions that would affect you. After all, a policy without the cover you need doesn’t save you any money.

It’s important to find a policy at a price you can afford. It’s more important that the policy provides the cover you need.

Make sure you take the time to find the right cover for your situation. Comparing hotel insurance quotes online makes finding the right policy easier, but you still need one that fits.

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