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Also called lorry insurance and HGV insurance, truck insurance is designed for vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes. As these are rarely used as personal vehicles, many truck insurance policies include employers’ liability insurance (which is legally required if your business employs other people). Another popular addition is contents insurance, which protects you if the load you’re hauling is damaged or stolen.

Truck insurance policies sometimes also insure the truck’s trailer (attached or detached).

However, there’s no guarantee that any given truck insurance policy includes any additional coverage. It may simply insure the truck itself for operation on public roads.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to read potential truck insurance quotes carefully before making your choice.

Before you even compare policies, you may want to make notes of what coverage you need and want. Then, when you compare truck insurance quotes online, you have some personalised guidelines to help you rule out policies that wouldn’t work for you.

You can use that to cut down the list of options to a manageable size. Once that’s done, it should be much easier to pick out a policy that really suits you.

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