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Private health insurance covers you against the costs associated with private medical care. As private medical care can result in shorter waiting times and better facilities while in hospitals, it is appealing to many who can afford it.

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Health insurance can also offer access to specialist treatments or drug regimes not currently available through the NHS.

If any of these factors are appealing to you, then private medical care may be right for you. Health insurance can provide an affordable, cost-effective way to secure it.

However, health insurance policies can vary widely in both cost and cover, so it can be strongly recommended to carefully review the details of your policy.

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Comparing Health Insurance Policies Online

You may want cover for any or all of the following:

  • Scans
  • Surgical procedures
  • In-patient care only
  • In-patient and day-patient care
  • Radiotherapy
  • Access to medical professionals
  • Specific drug regimes
  • Mental health cover

When checking each policy, you should also be aware that the range of some of these cover types can vary, too.

For example, cover for access to medical professionals might include anything from access to a 24-hour helpline up to private in-person consultations with private GPs. Some providers may have 24/7 access, while others may limit appointment times.

You will not find cover for chronic (ongoing, long-term, or recurring) conditions, or for visits to A&E. You will also not be able to find cover for conditions you have prior to the start of the policy. These are known as pre-existing medical conditions and are not currently covered by Health Insurance policies.

You should also check the hospital lists shown within your policy documentation to ensure there is care available locally. Different health insurance policies also have different levels of Excess. Excess is the amount that needs to be paid on a claim; your insurance covers the costs beyond that.

Your access to health insurance and the price of the policies available to you will also be affected by your lifestyle (for example, you are considered a smoker until you have abstained from all tobacco products for a minimum of 12 months) and a potential no claims discount.

Some providers work with gyms to offer discounted gym membership with the policy. This is a great way to improve your health over the policy and may lead to reduced premiums in future. This is also true for life insurance and critical illness cover.

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