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    Catering Van Insurance Comparison

    There are a wide variety of catering vans out there, and all of them need specialised equipment. Whether you sell ice cream, burgers, or fish and chips, your vehicle is a key part of your business. The insurance policy you take should reflect that.

    When you start looking for catering van insurance, a lot of coverage is needed. If you’re not operating the van solo, or if you have multiple vans to insure, you’ll want employers’ liability insurance for your staff. Public liability insurance is also a must.

    Simply fill in the form below to find and compare catering van insurance quotes!

    Careful Comparison

    When comparing catering van insurance quotes online, take the time to read each quote thoroughly. You may want to start out by making a list of all coverage you need and a separate list of the coverage you want.

    This lets you quickly identify policies that don’t meet your needs. Collect your remaining policies into a shortlist.

    You can then review the shortlist for cover you want but don’t need and for the price. It’s also worth checking for any complications at this stage. After all, the list is short enough now; you can take your time on each.

    Extra cover can be nice, but it’s not essential. The old saying about value for money is important here. Ask yourself three questions:

    • Does this policy provide everything I need?
    • Can I afford the costs associated with this policy?
    • Is any extra cover provided worth the additional cost?

    These questions will help you narrow down your options to identify the policy that suits your needs best.

    Combined Policies Versus Individual Policies

    As well as combined policies offering everything you need, you have the option of using multiple individual policies. You may find the deals better as individual options – but check carefully that the combined total includes every policy you need!

    Using online services to get catering van policy quotes cuts out wasted time. It lets you spend more time making sure you have what you need.


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