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How does modified car insurance work?

Most auto insurance companies don’t cover modified vehicles. But different policies cover modified cars in various ways. Some policies won’t cover modified cars at all. Others will cover modified cars the same way they cover other cars. But a few will cover modified cars only if they clear that modification policy. (If the insurance company doesn’t have a policy, there is no modification policy.)

The modification policy covers any modifications that affect the car’s value, safety, handling, or appearance. The typical modification policy also limits the modifications and what they do. For example, it may limit the kind of engine, the horsepower, the number of wheels, or the use of nitrous oxide.

Changes to a vehicle that increases the horsepower, horsepower capacity, or weight are not covered.

The modification policy may also say what kind of tests are needed to determine a modified vehicle’s value, safety, handling, or appearance. (If the insurance company doesn’t have a modification policy, there is no standard policy.)

The standard policy covers any modifications that don’t affect the value, safety, handling, or appearance. (If the insurance company doesn’t have both a standard policy and a modified policy, there is no policy.)

What modifications does modified car insurance cover?

Modified car insurance is insurance that covers modifications you have made to your car. The insurance company will often have a list of types of modifications that are covered.

Some modifications, such as custom paint jobs, custom wheels, and oversized tires, are not usually covered by standard insurance policies. This is largely because the modifications have been done primarily for cosmetic reasons.

However, if you install an alarm system or GPS device in your vehicle, this modification will likely have an effect on your insurance rates. These modifications are designed to prevent theft and accidents, which both raise your risk of having to file an insurance claim.

Other modifications, such as safety devices, may raise or lower your insurance rate. A vehicle’s air bags, anti-lock brakes, or traction control system may lower the insurance rate. Conversely, installing more powerful brakes or running a larger engine will raise your rates.

It is important to note, however, that the insurance company will only pay for the modifications that increase your vehicle’s safety. If your car is modified in a way that makes it more dangerous to drive, the insurance company will generally not pay for it.

Modifications to engines are usually not covered by standard insurance policies. If you install a new exhaust system, for example, your insurance company may not pay for it. The insurance company will only pay you for modifications that apply to safety.

Why you should understand how modified car insurance works before buying?

Before buying modified car insurance, you should review your insurance policy to see what modifications are covered and what modifications are not covered by the policy. You should then either find a company that will cover all your modifications, or make sure the company will cover those that are important to you. You can also check which modifications are legal in the UK, click here.

Keep in mind that if you file a claim for an accident that was caused by one of your modifications, your insurance company may deny the claim. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider which modifications you make to your vehicle

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Insurance can seem costly when you need to cover a modified car. We know how important it is that every part of your prized vehicle is protected. That’s why Insuro makes it easier than ever to find and compare competitive deals on specialist modified car insurance.

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Insurance costs can easily mount up when you are covering a modified car. If you search for modified car insurance deals with Insuro it’s possible to really save money. 50% of our customers were quoted less than £350* for car insurance when they used our online comparison tool.

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If you want to find insurance deals you’ll love then look no further. It’s so straightforward to compare insurance deals for modified cars when you use Insuro’s helpful comparison tool. Complete your details now to view insurance offers we think will suit you. If you would prefer to hear your modified car insurance options over the phone, call our team today on 0800 0316 311.

*50% of customers who bought car insurance through this service, which is provided by Seopa, were quoted prices that were below £350 (Jan ’16 sales).

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