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Insurance can seem costly when you need to cover a modified car. We know how important it is that every part of your prized vehicle is protected. That’s why Insuro makes it easier than ever to find and compare competitive deals on specialist modified car insurance.

Our online comparison tool means you can find great insurance offers in an instant. We compare quotes from more than 100 UK insurance providers to show you deals we’re confident you’ll love.

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Our online search tool is so easy to use. Simply enter your details into our form and Insuro will find low-cost modified car insurance offers that we think will suit you. View and compare the options to find an insurance policy you’re really satisfied with.

Save money on modified car insurance

Insurance costs can easily mount up when you are covering a modified car. If you search for modified car insurance deals with Insuro it’s possible to really save money. 50% of our customers were quoted less than £350* for car insurance when they used our online comparison tool.

You might also be able to save money when you search for car insurance with us. Enter your details now to search for impressive modified car insurance quotes.

Modified car insurance offers at your fingertips

If you want to find insurance deals you’ll love then look no further. It’s so straightforward to compare insurance deals for modified cars when you use Insuro’s helpful comparison tool. Complete your details now to view insurance offers we think will suit you. If you would prefer to hear your modified car insurance options over the phone, call our team today on 0800 0316 311.

*50% of customers who bought car insurance through this service, which is provided by Seopa, were quoted prices that were below £350 (Jan ’16 sales).

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