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What is van insurance?

Van insurance is a specialist type of vehicle insurance designed to protect against the risks of being on the road. These risks might include:

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How much does van insurance cost?

NimbleFins researched the cost of van insurance and found that the average cost for a comprehensive policy was just over £1,350 annually. This was with an excess of around £500.

It's interesting to note that comprehensive van insurance isn't always that much more expensive than third-party or third-party fire and theft insurance - and sometimes it can even be cheaper. Why? Because insurers know that motorists who take out these lesser third-party policies are more likely to be risky drivers, they charge a premium to reflect the higher risk.

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What does UK law say about commercial van insurance?

When cutting down costs, you might see it as an option to try and save money, but it comes to insuring a van commercially. Operating a van that is not guaranteed is illegal unless it has received a statutory off-road notice. If you do not secure your van, you could face heavy penalties that could cost you more in the long run.

What are the commercial van insurance policy restrictions?

Insurance providers can refuse insurance coverage on your van if your drivers are aged below 21. Obtaining commercial van insurance may also be difficult if you opt to attach a trailer to your van.

Commercial van insurance policies for multiple drivers and vans:

Most businesses operate with more than one employee, and your commercial van insurance must cover any employee driving your business van. The more drivers you have on the policy, the higher your premium will be. Try adding named drivers to your policy to cut down on these costs, and this will work out cheaper than purchasing any driver’s insurance.

You can purchase fleet van insurance if your business holds more than one van. Insurance providers offer discounts when insuring multiple vehicles, and this fleet van insurance is cheaper than individually insuring each vehicle. Insurance providers will offer deals on various vans.

The different types of commercial van insurance available on the market:

Commercial van insurance works just like regular insurance for your vehicle. There are three levels of cover that you can choose from:

What Does UK Law Say About Commercial Van Insurance?

UK law requires commercial van insurance, with severe penalties for non-compliance, unless the vehicle is officially declared off-road.

What Are the Commercial Van Insurance Policy Restrictions?

Insurance may be restricted based on the driver’s age or if you intend to attach a trailer to your van.

How Does Commercial Van Insurance Work for Multiple Drivers and Vans?

Insurance should cover all employees driving the van, with options for fleet insurance for businesses with multiple vehicles.

What Types of Commercial Van Insurance Are Available?

Options include Third-party, Third-party Fire and Theft, and Fully Comprehensive insurance, each providing different levels of protection.

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