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Use the convicted driver insurance comparison form below to find a quote for your vehicle

Compare Convicted Driver Car Insurance to find insurance available to you

We understand that it can be tough to get affordable convicted driver car insurance.

Are you a convicted driver? Has your insurance gone through the roof as a result? Then its time to change your insurance policy to one which works for you. Compare quotes and find some great deals by taking into account your status as a convicted driver from the start of the application to find you savings appropriate for you.

Motor convictions have become quite common in recent years, yet convicted drivers are often still persecuted by many of the leading insurance providers. Most insurance companies do not support convicted drivers often denying their applications or charging a very high premium. However, it is not so difficult to overcome.

This Insurance comparison tool is provided for your use by SEOPA. Insuro.co.uk and novi.digital are not responsible for the contents of the comparison you receive.

A conviction may be because of a multitude of reasons and not all of these should prevent you from driving again. Based on the reason for your conviction your insurance premium will vary. For example, you might be convicted for drink driving, drugs, rash driving and speeding. To find a provider who may be willing to provide you with the policy you want, simply fill in your details in the Convicted Driver Insurance Comparison tool.

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