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Whether you use a car, van or motorcycle for your courier work, courier insurance is worth having – but finding the right policy for you can be challenging.

If you’re arranging insurance for a larger business with multiple employees, employers’ liability insurance is a must. You may also want breakdown cover in case of emergency on the road. If you’re concerned that an accident or other issue might prevent business as usual, business interruption cover may be appropriate.

The vehicle (or vehicles) you use must be insured, of course, or it’s not legal on the road.

Comparing Courier Insurance Policies

It’s important to remember that not every courier insurance policy includes all this coverage – and you may not want everything on the list! What you need depends on your specific situation, but because policies vary in what they cover and how, you should be sure to double-check that the policy you pick includes everything you need.

Start out by listing the coverage you need. If there’s coverage you would like but can live without, make that a different list. Any coverage you definitely don’t need can be ignored.

The next step is to gather potential policies together. Online tools are easily the fastest way to do this.

Input your information and the form gathers data from a database of policies offered by many insurers. You’ll soon be presented with a wide selection.

To narrow that selection down, take your list of needed coverage and go through the policies. You can set aside any which don’t do what you need immediately. It’s a quick way to narrow down the list.

From there, the next logical step is to review the remaining policies. Compare premium prices, excesses, and those nice-to-have extra coverages.

Before you accept any of these policies, make sure it’s the best option available for you. Comparing policies and quotes online is faster. That frees up time to get it exactly right.


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