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We all recognise the importance of having specialist life insurance, home insurance and car insurance; but once you invest in a motorhome, it is also vital that you protect your new asset with specialist motorhome insurance.

With so many dangers out there it’s important to find the right motorhome insurance to protect you from any potential incident. It would be devastating to lose your new vehicle to a fire, theft or accident, and imagine how frustrating it would be to experience damage from a wild animal, vandals or another vehicle while it is parked. With a good motorhome insurance policy, you can rest at ease knowing that your investment is protected.

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While it may be tempting to simply call your car insurance company and have your motorhome added to the policy, you could research what else is available as far as coverage limits, optional riders and deductibles. For example, you may need a separate rider for your trailer, and standard comprehensive coverage might not include damage done by stray animals. If you have audio or visual equipment, such as DVD players or televisions, your standard plan may or may not cover these items. Mention any travel plans that include leaving the country; in some cases, you need a separate rider for trips outside of your country’s borders, but in others, coverage in other areas is included. Finding motorhome insurance can actually get you a policy that matches a more expensive one.

So whatever you are after, fill in the Motorhome Insurance Comparison Form at the top of this page and you could find some absolutely fantastic offers!

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