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Also known as ‘telematics’, black box insurance policies require you to have a ‘black box’ connected to your car when driving. This device – named for the famous airplane recording boxes – monitors your location, direction, and speed at all times. It makes it easier to determine which driver’s at fault in the event of a collision.

This means that black box insurance is often quoted lower than other car insurance. Drivers willing to accept a black box tend to be (or become) more careful drivers. For this reason, black box insurance is particularly popular among young drivers.

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Comparing Black Box Insurance

What other cover is available from your black box insurance can vary. It’s important, when comparing black box insurance policies, to know what cover you need and what you want.

That immediately allows you to set aside any policy which doesn’t offer your needed coverage. You’ll be left with a ‘short list’ of appropriate quotes, which you can take your time over. This way, you can pick out the policy that best suits your needs and your budget.

Remember to do the same thing whenever it’s time to renew your policy! Regularly shopping around can significantly cut your costs over time without compromising your cover.

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