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Why would you compare campervan insurance?

You like to look after the things you value most in life, and this applies to your campervan as much as anything else. You insure your home, and you insure your car so why wouldn’t you insure your campervan? It’s your home away from home- the worst thing that could happen is for it to be damaged or stolen when you’ve got no form of cover to provide some financial support. With this in mind, now really could be a great time to insure your beloved camper van so that you can enjoy hitting the road and using your vehicle to its full potential with a reduced threat of costly damages looming over you.

How does caravan insurance work

Insuring your campervan is quite similar to insuring an ordinary car, and can be surprisingly straightforward. Before you receive a quote, however, you’ll need to provide some background information on the van you drive (model, age, engine size), and some further details about yourself (driving history, information on your no-claims bonus, age, and so on). These factors will then brought into consideration to allow an insurance premium to be calculated that may cover you and your campervan in the event of any breakages, fire and water damage, loss, theft or any other unexpected circumstances – dependent on how comprehensive your policy is.

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