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What is van insurance?

Van insurance is a specialist type of vehicle insurance that is designed to protect against the risks that can occur from being on the road. These risks might include:

  • The risk to the driver, to other drivers and to pedestrians in the case of an accident on the road. These risks could include injury or even death.
  • Damage to the van itself from a collision of some kind
  • Damage to private or public property as the result of a van collision
  • Theft of the van itself
  • Theft or damage to the contents of the vehicle
  • Some policies also offer protection for risks such as accidentally filling up with the wrong fuel or losing your van keys.

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How much does van insurance cost?

NimbleFins carried out research into the cost of van insurance and found that the average cost for a comprehensive policy was just over £1,350 annually. This was with an excess of around £500.

It's interesting to note that comprehensive van insurance isn't always that much more expensive than third party or third party, fire and theft insurance - and sometimes it can even be cheaper. Why? Because insurers know that motorists who take out these lesser third party policies are more likely to be risky drivers, they charge a premium to reflect the higher risk.

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Your guide to cheap van insurance with Insuro

Van insurance is essential if you use a van for personal and business use. But it can be difficult to find the most competitive prices for van insurance 2022, with many insurers putting up their prices or imposing special conditions. At Insuro we make it easy to compare van insurance to find the best possible product for your needs at the cheapest price. Read on to find out more about van insurance in general, top tips for getting the best premiums, the next steps to securing your best quote, and everything you need to know about this type of vehicle insurance!

Looking for cheap van insurance quotes?

When you need to carry out a fast van insurance comparison and easily apply for your perfect policy online in just a few steps, trust Insuro. We make it easier to compare van insurance for more than sixty different categories of vehicles and with policies suitable for business and domestic use alike. Find everything you need in one place, with quotes from over fifty-five trusted van insurers when you carry out your van insurance 2022 with Insuro.

What are vans most used for?

Vans tend to be used for business purposes but are used in a variety of situations. for example:

  • A tradesperson will use a van to carry tools to their job
  • A catering business might use a van for delivering catering services at an event - such as a fully kitted-out pizza kitchen or a bar on the go.
  • A removals business will have vans of varied sizes for work purposes
  • A florist will use a van for transporting bouquets and wreaths to customers.

Vans are also sometimes used privately, for example where people tend to transport sports items or regularly move larger items around. Larger businesses may have a fleet of vans that will be branded and liveried and maintained for their staff to carry out their work. But in all instances, van insurance will be essential to safeguard the van itself, its contents, the public, the driver and the individual or business who owns the van.

Do I need van insurance?

Van insurance is designed to protect you from a wide variety of risks that relate to owning a van and driving it. It works in a similar way to car insurance in that it protects the driver and third parties. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a regular car insurance policy will also protect their van and extend coverage to it, but this is very rarely the case.

For most van owners, specialist van insurance is the most appropriate way to protect the van itself, the driver and third parties in the case of an accident. It will also help to provide a replacement van or a repair job quickly if the van is damaged - something that is vital if you use it for business purposes and need to keep your vehicle on the road as much as possible to carry out your job.

The legal requirements of van insurance

It's also essential to know that every driver needs insurance when driving a vehicle in the UK and this is the law. So, if you drive a business van then you need commercial or business van insurance to cover your work. Some policies do offer insurance for business and private use, which can be useful for sole traders who may use their van for both purposes. The main thing is to get your van insurance 2022 in place and to check that it meets all your needs, as policies and their coverage vary greatly.

What types of van can be insured?

Van insurance policies cover most vans, including:

  • Pickups
  • Box Luton vans
  • Single and double cab vans
  • Light vans
  • Tippers

Other types of van are covered too, and the prices will reflect the make, model and specification overall.

What sort of van insurance should I take out?

The answer is - the van insurance policy that will best meet your needs. However, as a rule, it makes sense to take out comprehensive van cover as it will insure you for damage to your own van and to any other vehicle, even if it is your own fault as the driver. Alternatively, it is possible to take out Third Party Only (TPO) cover or Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT) policies.

What kinds of van insurance are there?

There are a few types of van insurance that are available when you're looking for a new commercial policy. Some of these are specialist, but most fall under one of three types:

1. Carriage of own goods

This insurance is ideal if you use your van to carry materials and jobs to work, for example, if you work in a trade. The tool and materials aren't usually covered under the policy, but you will be covered personally. If you want to insure the materials and tools / other contents in your van, then look at getting an additional goods in transit insurance policy so that you are fully covered.

2. Carriage of goods for hire or reward

This cover is used for people who deliver goods to a series of different destinations, using different routes. In this instance, the goods will belong to the customer. The insurance policy will also cover any goods in the van. For example, you might own a local delivery firm and provide private courier services to local businesses and their customers.

3. Haulage cover

This is used by delivery drivers who deliver larger items of single goods - such as high-end machinery or specialist equipment - to set locations, and usually for long distances. The haulage policy will usually cover the goods being transported too.

Once you know which type of van insurance policy you need, you can select the right level of cover. Again, there are three to choose from:

1. Comprehensive cover

This is usually the best choice for van drivers, as it offers full coverage for accidental damage, third parties, the vehicles of third parties and any property in the event of an accident. Comprehensive cover van insurance usually includes fire damage and can cover some of the costs of van theft so that you can buy a replacement.

2. Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT) cover

This covers you for damage to another person, their vehicle or their property (that occurred because of your driving), plus damage or loss of your own vehicle - if that damage was caused by lightning, fire, self-ignition, theft, attempted theft or explosion. It's important to note that these policies do not cover any accidental damage to your van that you might cause yourself.

3. Third party only cover

This is the most basic form of insurance, and it covers the cost of damage to an individual, their property or their vehicle, which occurs because of your driving. This could be rebuilding costs if you knocked someone's wall whilst reversing or the cost of accidentally breaking someone else's wing mirror. It doesn't include damage to your vehicle.

You might also want to take out additional and complementary insurances that protect your income or family in case of an accident or death sustained at work. We offer a price comparison service for life insurance too:

10 things that affect the price of your van insurance

1. No claims

This is because a longer no claims bonus shows a long history of safe driving

2. Voluntary excess

A higher excess reduces the risk for the insurer. As a result, they are more likely to offer a cheaper policy. Be careful to check the compulsory excess figure carefully though as these can vary between van model and insurer.

3. Van age

An older van will be cheaper for the insurer to replace if it is written off or stolen. (Vans depreciate by up to 70% by their fifth year and hold around 35% of their original value.) It's worth noting though that you may be charged a higher excess for an older model van as the likelihood of something going wrong grows as the vehicle ages.

4. The vehicle itself

The van engine size, vehicle value and wheelbase all have an impact on your premium. If the van is customised in any way this may affect the premium too. You can get modified van insurance to cover this type of customisation. Bear in mind that you will usually be expected to leave the van empty overnight for the policy to remain valid. This is because van drivers who use their vehicles for work will often have expensive work equipment inside and leaving it there overnight increases the risk of a break-in and theft.

5. The age of the driver

Drivers under the age of 21 tend to pay more than those in the 21-25 age bracket and above. Again, this reflects the risk level.

6. Mileage

Your mileage for business and personal use impacts the premium. More miles on the road increase risk so also raise the premium.

7. Usage

Another factor is whether you intend to use the vehicle only for business use or for business and domestic use. Again, the more usage the greater the risk.

8. Drivers

The price you pay will also depend on whether the van will be driven by one named driver or additional drivers.

9. Your location

Van insurance varies in price for various parts of the country as some areas have higher rates of accidents and crime.

10. The policy and insurer!

Insurers charge different prices and it's important to use a van insurance comparison service such as Insuro to find the best possible price on a quote that matches your needs. Some insurers will be twice as expensive as the cheapest providers, so it really does pay to compare! As well as finding the best quote, Insuro can tell you how much it will cost to pay your van insurance in one go, or to spread the cost with a monthly payment via a credit arrangement. Insuro also shows you how much you will pay in interest if you choose the monthly payment option.

Are there any exclusions for van insurance?

Today's van insurance policies can cover a wide range of risks that come with owning a van. But most commercial policies tend to exclude the following, even if you have a fully comprehensive policy:

  • Wear and tear damage
  • Electronic or mechanical failure
  • Theft of tools, personal items, stock or keys if you either leave the van unlocked or the keys in the vehicle.

It's worth noting that you can buy specialist stock insurance if you do leave stock or goods in the van when you are carrying them for work, but this is separate insurance entirely.

Why compare van insurance with Insuro?

At Insuro, we are a comparison service provider for insurance quotes. We cover all forms of van, car and other vehicle insurance as well as a range of other popular insurances. You can quickly see vehicle insurance prices here:

For van insurance, it couldn't be easier to get a quick and accurate quote for your van insurance 2022. Simply enter your registration details (if you know them) and some basic information and you will see a list of prices and options on offer from over 55 trusted providers. We work with van insurance providers who are specialists in the field and you may notice a range of big-name/big brand insurers that you already know, such as Autonet, Budget, Express, Gladiator, Hastings Direct, Kwikfit, and Morethan, along with smaller and more specialist insurers that only work with brokers to offer the best possible prices.

You will see which van insurance quote is the cheapest for your needs and then you can adjust the policy that you are interested in to see the effects that it has on your final price. For example, you might want to adjust the voluntary excess to see what effect that has on the premium or add on additional and optional services such as legal cover, key cover and so forth.

When you are ready to buy your chosen van insurance you can do so instantly via Insuro and pay there and then so that you are insured from either the same day - or the day that you want your policy to start. Your information will be stored in your private Insuro account area and your documentation will be emailed to you and posted to you in hard copy if you select this as an option with your insurer. Insuro acts as a broker to provide van insurance information and you then hold your insurance contract with the provider that you choose. It couldn't be quicker or easier and you can also opt to have an alert set up so that you are always reminded to begin your insurance comparison before your policy expires, to give you the cheapest prices possible every single time!

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