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Minibuses are an increasingly common mode of transport with schools, colleges and other establishments using them as their preferred mode of transport. It’s just as important with minibuses as it is with cars that you have adequate minibus insurance in place if you want to be sure that you’re completely prepared for all incidents that may occur.

Unfortunately your car insurance policy simply won’t be enough. If you intend to be carrying passengers (whether they’re paying or not) you need to have extra protection on your insurance policy. You’ll be transporting more people than you would in a regular car, and because of the nature of such vehicles specific insurance is essential to protect all parties involved (not just the driver).

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The type of insurance that you need will depend on your reasons for using the minibus in the first place so make sure you compare all quotes before purchasing. For example, if you’re just driving the minibus for personal or volunteering reasons then you’ll have different requirements to those that run a minibus hire company, so it’s important to speak to the experts who will be able to give you the level of cover that you’re looking for.

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