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Student Car Insurance

Why do you need student car insurance?

So you’re off to university, do you bring your car? There are many benefits to having your car with you at university, from a quick trip to the shop to the long journey back home. This being said, there is nothing worse than taking out the wrong student car insurance policy.

Owning a car gives you a sense of freedom during student life, but keeping your car on the road isn’t cheap. With university fees and living expenses to factor in, car insurance can be an expensive burden. We’ve laid out a few things to watch out for to make sure you get the best deal.

Higher risk

Student car insurance can often be expensive; students are usually young and inexperienced drivers, which makes insurers wary. As such, premium prices can be steeper due to the heightened risk of an accident.

One savvy method to keep prices down is to be wary of where your car is being parked while you’re at university. Before deciding on student accommodation, look into local crime rates – car theft and vandalism in particular. You may be surprised by how much policy prices vary depending on where your car is parked.

Buy a suitable car

If you haven’t already, carefully consider what type of car you are driving. More power often means more expensive insurance policies… so buy sensibly!


Improving the security of your car means reduced risk, leading to reduced costs. Installing an immobiliser or a wheel lock will help to lessen your risk.


It can be hard not to drive around for hours on end when you have your own car, but this can have a massive impact on your insurance prices, so try to walk when you can!

Find your student car insurance policy here

There are more options to consider to help minimise your policy price, including adding an experienced named driver to your policy, so be sure to think about all the different options. It can be difficult to select a policy that’s right for you, but at Insuro, we compare a huge variety of student policies to ensure you choose the right one.

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