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Short Term Car Insurance

Believe it or not, you don’t have to take out a standard year-long policy to stay protected on the road and meet legal obligations. With short term car insurance from Insuro, you can enjoy optimum flexibility and a policy that fits in with your lifestyle, hobbies and commitments – even if they’re rather on the spontaneous side.

Find and compare cheap short term insurance quotes quickly and easily from a wide range of providers today and hop behind the wheel with optimum peace of mind.

What is short term car insurance?

Short term car insurance isn’t expected to be renewed and is an effective alternative to a 12-month policy. It can be used for everyday tasks such as visiting the shops, one-off events such as heading to a music festival, or in emergency situations where a car is needed at short notice. Short term car insurance is typically cheaper and more flexible than buying a new policy or updating an existing one.

Who can benefit from short term car insurance?

There are many reasons why short term car insurance might be preferable to an annual policy. Short term car insurance can offer immediate protection whether you’re looking to test drive a vehicle or borrow a car from a friend. It’s also ideal if you want to drive a car which is usually kept under a Statuary Off-Road Notification except for special events. Similarly, if you have a convertible or sports car that’s only used on rare occasions, short term insurance might be the most affordable option.

Short term car insurance policies also allow students to drive their parents’ cars during the holidays while learner drivers that have their own car can take out short term car insurance as and when they need it.

Compare and contrast quotes

Being insured is a must, but if you only need a short term policy, compare and contrast policies online today using our special comparison tool and receive a quote in minutes. Choose the length of your policy and make the most of special one-day insurance quotes that are both affordable and practical.

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