What the actual 404? #WTA404

So what is a 404? As one of our clients once asked us… “Why do we have four hundred and four errors?” we thought it best to give you a quick explanation.

A 404 page is when a company really sucks. It happens because they have built their website so badly that they couldn’t be bothered to check their links. A link is when a website as a connection from one page to another. So a link can be from the same website or another website. Simple, right?

At insuro we are so perfect that we don’t actually have any 404 errors… oh, wait, erm.

In light of the fact that one this one occasion we have made a mistake (okay, maybe it’s not just the once), we would like to apologise to you and offer you £10 for helping us out, so once you’ve purchased insurance through insuro, let us know and we’ll give you £10 shopping voucher as a thank you!

What the actual 404? #WTA404

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