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Black box insurance is growing in popularity. However, it’s far from your only option – and it may not be your preferred choice. Having a black box, also known as a smart box, fitted isn’t something everyone’s comfortable with. Sometimes you just want to compare car insurance policies without a black box.

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Why might you want to avoid black box insurance?

  • Many black box policies impose a mileage cap. If you’re frequently travelling long distances, these policies will not be a good fit.
  • Some black box policies restrict driving at night, either instead of mileage limits or in addition.#
  • Many drivers just don’t feel comfortable knowing there’s an electronic record of where they’ve driven and when.
  • If any of these are true for you, consider no black box car insurance policies.

No Black Box Car Insurance Comparison

Around 1 in 3 drivers simply auto-renew their insurance every year, but this can mean paying larger premiums for the same coverage – or even for worse coverage. Comparing policies allows you to find the coverage you need at a preferred price point – which can be very important.

Using an online comparison tool like the one above allows you to quickly and easily gather quotes that fit your driving history, current car, and other important criteria. With all of these in the same place, reviewing them becomes an efficient process.

You should only consider policies which offer at least the amount of cover you need.

A higher level of cover is usually going to cost more, but not always. Some insurers take advantage of the fact that many ‘risky’ drivers will choose a lover level of cover automatically. This makes for higher prices for lower cover levels, so a comprehensive policy may be cheaper than third party fire and theft.

Consider the initial payment, the monthly premiums, and the excess for each policy. You’ll have to pay both the initial payment and the premiums, and if disaster strikes you’ll also have to pay up to the excess. You should only choose a policy where none of these payments will break the bank.

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