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No matter how good you are as a fitness instructor there is always the possibility that one of your students will suffer an injury in or as a result of your class. As questions of liability rapidly come into play if this happens, it’s a good idea to be sure of your insurance policy ahead of time.

If you always teach in the same venue, check with the venue so you know whether the cover they have includes your particular activities – many location policies cover traditional activities such as yoga, tai chi, circuit training, and pilates, but may entirely omit trampolining, parkour, thump boxing and other more niche workout approaches. If your area of expertise isn’t covered, you’ll want to arrange your own cover.

On the other hand, if your work takes you from venue to venue, you’re best served by having your own insurance in any case.

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If you do need fitness instructor insurance of your own, it’s just as important to make sure that the policy you decide on covers what you teach. There are many specialised policies available; as always you should assess as many as possible carefully before you decide which one is best for your own specific circumstances.

For much the same reason, it’s very important when you fill in the form to compare quotes that you give accurate information to your circumstances. Having the wrong policy for your situation results in feeling secure in your insurance only until it’s needed – which is even worse than having no insurance; you’ve been paying for nothing and it’s prevented you from realising you need to arrange an appropriate policy.

Always be clear on what your policy covers, what you’re paying for it, and always check that it’s the best policy for you out there.

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