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High-performance sports cars can be an unappealing prospect for many insurers. The premium for these policies tend to be much higher than regular car insurance due to the high risk associated with them. Don’t fear, using a comparison site can help you to find the right deal for you, whether in price, range of cover or other requirements.

It’s an unfair assumption to make, especially given that hobbyists who have saved up for their dream car are less likely to be driving recklessly. But it’s vital that you don’t shave off cover just for the sake of saving money.

Your first step when looking for insurance for your performance car shouldn’t be what is the cheapest, but what cover you need to ensure the protection that will grant you peace of mind.

One of the best options might be agreed value insurance. A lot of insurers tend to apply a blanket fee on vehicles based on how they rate across a series of metrics, meaning that a performance car is more likely to end up in the higher end of fees just from performance rates and cost of repairs.

An agreed value policy could take the sting out of such a fee, which values the car itself before the policy is taken out. That way, if the unthinkable happens and you suffer a total loss, any offer your insurer makes will be based on the agreed price, rather than the considerably diminished book price.

Moving away from worst case scenarios, there are elements of cover to consider that come closer to home.

For instance, your performance car is unlikely to be your only vehicle. Would it be more cost-effective to include cover for driving other cars in your policy? Are you the only hobbyist in your household? Will you be covered if there’s damage to your vehicle if they were having a turn behind the wheel?

When you compare performance car quotes online, make sure that you’re looking at the type of cover that you need first, the best price second. It’s far better to make a careful and informed decision than to buy cheap now and regret it should the worst happen.


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