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Does your business need van insurance? Compare business van insurance quotes from 40 different van insurance providers.  At Insuro, we make finding the perfect business van insurance simple. Most customers are paying less than £350** for business van insurance.

 Simply fill out the form to receive quotes to start to compare business van insurance options available to you.

Why is business van insurance necessary?

Having business van insurance ensures that your van gets fixed and on the road as fast as possible. If your van suffers a breakdown you could be looking at large costs to get it repaired. This kind of money might not be readily available. If your van is insured your insurance provider will get it up and running for a fraction of the cost.

You could also face heavy penalties if you are driving a van without the minimum level of insurance. The minimum level of insurance required by law is third-party insurance. If you receive these fines, they could work out more expensive than simply purchasing business van insurance.

What level of cover do you need from business van insurance?

By purchasing third-party van insurance you will avoid hefty fines, will not be protected against a whole host of other risks. Whether you opt for the minimum level of insurance or a comprehensive insurance policy there are some factors that you need to take into account when purchasing insurance for your van, in order to lower costs:

  • With most insurances companies, you can agree to pay higher excess rates in the case of an accident. This will lower the cost of your insurance policy. It is important to remember when opting to pay a higher rate of excess that in the case of an accident it will require you to contribute a higher amount.
  • Careful van drivers get awarded no claims discounts by insurers. The more no claim discounts you earn the lower the cost of premiums will be.
  • If you name all the employees that will be driving your van on your policy, you are most likely have a reduced premium amount.

It is also very important to note that it is essential to notify an insurance provider that you are using your van for business purposes. If this is not done then they can dismiss your claim if your van suffered damage during business use.

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