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Factors Affecting 4×4 Insurance Premiums

4x4s are among the most expensive vehicles to operate. They’re often in the highest brackets for road tax and the majority of modern 4x4s cost a lot to buy outright.

The vehicle’s overall value means that, when a claim does need to be made, it can be much more expensive than for other vehicles – which affects the cost of insurance. 4x4s also tend to have larger, more powerful engines, which increase the risk if severe accidents and injury if the driver loses control.

There are some factors which reduce this issue, including:

  • Driving record – several years without claims can greatly reduce your insurance premiums
  • Age – young drivers tend to have higher premiums. Paired with expensive vehicles like 4x4s, this issue is magnified
  • Security outside driving time – showing that your 4×4 spends most of its downtime in a secured garage can reduce premiums because the vehicle is safer
  • Excess – the amount of ‘excess’ you have to pay out of pocket on any claim reduces the premium you pay for the policy, though it can be expensive if you do need to claim
  • Always compare your quote against other options – auto-renewing your policy without checking is one of the quickest ways to see your premium rise year on year.

Comparing 4×4 Insurance Quotes

Filling in a form like the one above is a quick and simple way to compare insurance quotes online. These forms deliver quotes tailored to circumstances just like yours.

Checking the cover offered with each quote allows you to quickly eliminate any policy that doesn’t provide the right cover for you. From there, it’s just a matter of comparing the fine details of each policy, premium, and making your choice.

Make sure you’re happy with your chosen policy before you sign up. It’s never good to realise the policy you’ve been paying for doesn’t cover you for what you need it to.

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