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Car Insurance for Women

In December 2012, European law made it illegal for insurers to charge different prices for insurance based on gender. However, there are lots of ways and methods that can be used to further reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. Before you compare, explore and snap up the many options available to you through Insuro, have a look at these ways and help to make your competitive quote even more competitive!

Make of car

The type of car you choose can make a difference to the cost of your policy. Choosing to invest in a car which is more compact and less powerful with added safety features will mean that your car insurance is more likely to cost you less.

Lower mileage

Having lower mileage on the clock often means that your car insurance will be lower. This is because fewer miles means fewer chances of being involved in an accident. This will reduce any claims, hence, your premiums will be decreased.

Increased excess

To decrease your premium costs even further, you can take out voluntary excess on your policy. This will help you to reduce your costs because your insurance company will be reassured that you won’t be constantly claiming on your car insurance.

Careful driving

Driving with care and attention and keeping to the rules of the road will reduce or eliminate the chances of you getting involved in any accidents. It will also mean that you are a lot less likely to incur driving penalties. These factors should contribute to your premiums being lower and falling over a period of time.

Benefits of car insurance for women

In addition to the cost savings you may stand to make, there are some extra benefits to taking out car insurance for women, with many policies adding in handbag and handbag contents cover, as well as child car seat cover.

Compare today to check out the many benefits and money saving options our hundreds of outstanding insurers are ready to offer you, then take out your car insurance for women with Insuro!

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