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Do you work for the NHS and want to find cheap car insurance? Compare over 100 UK providers of car insurance with Insuro. All you need to do is complete the form below and you could potentially save up to 15% on car insurance.

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NHS car insurance information

When driving a car, there’s always the risk of an accident. Protecting yourself is important, but it can be time-consuming to sort through offers from different car insurance companies. Using a comparison tool is an ideal way of finding an affordable car insurance deal.

If you work for the NHS then you can save up to 15% on car insurance. We’ve partnered with Motor Direct, who are part of A-plan insurance. A-Plan provide car insurance for over 32,000 customers and their staff are on hand to provide support for every step of the way.

Who are Motor Direct?

Motor Direct is a division of A-Plan Holdings. They provide insurance cover for residents of England, Scotland and Wales.

What does the NHS car insurance discount provide?

  • Up to 15% discount for NHS workers
  • Free £300 excess protection (usually £38) or a free £25 M&S voucher
  • Access to a dedicated claims advisor who will be on hand to answer any questions

Do you think your car insurance prices are too high?

If you think the price of your car insurance is too high, there are a few different options to try:

  • Check that your ndetails are correct
  • Consider adjusting the type of cover
  • Try a different type of specialist insurance from the main menu (there’s a lot of choices for car insurance)

Owning a car is a responsibility because it has the potential to be dangerous. All it takes is a momentary lapse in judgement to cause an accident. Getting car insurance is the best way to protect yourself and other road users.

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