Car Insurance for Women Drivers

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Car Insurance for Women Drivers

What is car insurance?

Having car insurance ensures you are covered financially if the worst were to happen to your car. Such incidents could involve damage from an accident, theft, vandalisation and fire damage. Car insurance means you won't have to dig into your pocket to pay for potentially huge repair or replacement costs.

Car insurance is a legal requirement for cars driving on public roads. You will be heavily penalised if you are found to be driving without insurance. The minimum level of coverage you must legally have is third-party car insurance. Third-party insurance covers the damage to another person's car, for example, in a collision accident, but provides limited cover for your vehicle.

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How much does car insurance cost?

Car insurance is either made up of an annual or monthly premium. Annual premiums are paid in a single lump sum when a policy is purchased; monthly premiums require a deposit and a monthly direct debit. Many factors come into play that will affect the cost of your car insurance. It needn't cost the earth when you take the time to compare premiums.

Why compare with Insuro?

Car insurance for women drivers can be expensive. If you’re under 25, new to the insurance game, and a new driver on the road, you can be sure you will pay more than men. This was the situation until 2012. In December 2012, European law made it illegal for insurers to charge different insurance prices based on gender. However, many ways and methods can be used to further reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. Before you compare, explore and snap up the many options available to you through Insuro, have a look at these ways and help to make your competitive quote even more competitive!

Why car insurance for women drivers cost more than men

In 1998, the insurance group AON surveyed safety measures that could reduce accidents. The most important one, they said, was the installation of airbags. But airbags only reduce the risk of fatal accidents by 12%. They also cited seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and other things that reduce accidents, but not by nearly as much. What they didn’tmentione were anti-theft devices.

In the UK, women’s car insurance rates average 25% higher than men’s. This is partly because women are more likely to have accidents, partly because women statistically have more dependents, and partly because women are statistically less likely to be responsible drivers. The 25% has nothing to do with safety.

A woman with a husband who ensures himself and the car stands to get the same rate as a man with the same husband, and a woman with another car stands to gain the same momentum as a woman with another vehicle.

In the UK, a woman’s car insurance rate is determined by:

  1. the number of accidents she has;
  2. the number of passengers she has, and
  3. the combined ages of herself and her passengers.

Insurance companies charge the same rates for men and women on cars with anti-theft devices. But a woman with a vehicle without anti-theft devices pays more than a man with a car without anti-theft devices.
The insurance industry does not claim that its rates for women are related to safety. They say their rates reflect actuarial risk: as women age, their risk of accidents increases, so the rates increase.

How anti-theft devices can lessen your car insurance rates

An anti-theft device in a vehicle or home helps security by providing a little more protection against theft. The devices will help make your house and car a less inviting target for would-be thieves, who may move on when they find nothing of value to steal.

Car Anti-Theft Devices such as car alarms and locks can lower insurance rates. Insurance companies prefer drivers with anti-theft devices. Some anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel locks, are relatively cheap. Others, such as security alarms and GPS locators, can cost hundreds of pounds. But insurance companies often offer discounts of up to 15% for installing those devices.

The savings are partly due to the reduction in the likelihood of theft. But they are also because insurance companies are confident that drivers with anti-theft devices will take precautions to protect their cars, which means fewer accidents.

In practice, drivers with anti-theft devices do tend to drive more carefully. And their insurers do seem to be correct. Accidents involving cars with alarms, tracking systems and other similar devices have fallen significantly. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being tracked, and in 2012, 26% of drivers in Britain said they do not currently use anti-theft devices.

What factors influence the cost of car insurance?

Car insurance is essential for all drivers. Many factors influence the cost of car insurance. Those factors are:

But all other things being equal, car insurance costs increase as the risk of an accident increases. Choosing cheap car insurance isn′t easy because the most affordable car insurance usually has many requirements before it will insure you.

But knowing about insurance costs is not enough. It would be best if you had some way to compare the policies and insurers, which is what Insuro is here for.

Many people believe that women are discriminated against regarding car insurance. While it is true that women are usually charged differently than men for car insurance, this only goes so far. Insurance companies consider several factors when determining the rates they charge men and women, and these factors include:


The gender of a person is the single most significant factor in determining the cost of car insurance. Because men are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, insurance companies charge them more for car insurance since they have a higher chance of paying for damages.


Insurance companies also charge more for car insurance as they get older. This is because older people are more likely to be involved in accidents, and older people tend to have more accidents.

Marital status

Married people pay lower rates for car insurance than those who are single. This is because married people tend to be less accident-prone than single people. Also, married people tend to have fewer accidents than single people.

Driving record

If a driver has a history of accidents, insurance companies charge them more for car insurance. Also, if a person has been driving for an extended period without car insurance, insurance companies charge more for car insurance.

Credit rating

Insurance companies also scrutinize a person’s credit rating since it indicates their overall financial stability. If an insurance company believes a person’s credit rating is shaky, they may charge them more for car insurance.

Make of car

The type of car you choose can make a difference to the cost of your policy. Investing in a more compact and less potent vehicle with added safety features will mean your car insurance will likely cost you less.

Lower mileage

Having lower mileage on the clock often means that your car insurance will be down. This is because fewer miles means fewer chances of being involved in an accident. This will reduce any claims. Hence, your premiums will be decreased.

Increased excess

To decrease your premium costs even further, you can remove voluntary excess on your policy. This will help reduce your prices because your insurance company will be reassured that you won’t constantly claim your car insurance.

Careful driving

Driving with care and attention and keeping to the rules of the road will reduce or eliminate the chances of you getting involved in any accidents. It will also mean you are much less likely to incur driving penalties. These factors should contribute to lower premiums and falling over time.

Do women drivers get discounted car insurance rates?

Women drivers may pay less for car insurance than men. Insurance companies offer discounts for women drivers based on their records of fast driving, accident-free driving, driving history, age, driving tickets, etc.

Car insurance companies may offer you a discount if you comply with the following:

Certain companies may even provide a discount for three years in a row.

Benefits of car insurance for women drivers

The first thing any woman driver needs to know about car insurance is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man. If you’ve been driving for 3 or 40 years, if you get in an accident, you will almost certainly pay more premiums than a man.

There are many benefits of car insurance for women drivers in the UK, one of which is better premiums. The cost of insuring a motor may be based on several factors, including age, previous claims, vehicle price, area you live in, etc.

Your driving record is essential when purchasing car insurance for women drivers. This can have a direct impact on your car insurance premiums. If you are a new driver or have one or more points, you should expect to pay more for your insurance coverage. The same is true if you only have liability coverage. Choose between full range and liability but pay attention to the state minimums for coverage amounts.

In addition to the cost savings you may make, there are some extra benefits to taking out car insurance for women, with many policies adding in handbag and handbag contents cover, as well as child car seat cover.

Compare today to check out the many benefits and money-saving options our hundreds of outstanding insurers are ready to offer you, then take out your car insurance for women with Insuro!


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