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Learners Motorbike Insurance

What is bike insurance?

Just as car insurance is an important legal requirement, motorbike insurance is too if you’re using your vehicle on public roads. This includes if the bike is just stored on a public road, and you don’t ride it. Off-road quad bikes and bicycles don’t have to be insured but it might still be a wise decision for peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident. This is especially worth considering if you use your push bike or quad bike on a regular basis and are therefore more likely to have an accident.

For motorbikes, push bikes, and quad bikes, having insurance can protect you if your bike is stolen or damaged. It’s also an advantage if you’re involved in an accident whilst you’re out on your bike. You can also purchase specialist learners motorbike insurance. Whatever your level of riding experience is, Insuro can help you find a good value insurance policy to match.

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How much does bike insurance cost?

Predicting how much your bike insurance is going to cost can often be a challenge. There are a number of different factors that influence how much your premiums are likely to be. We can help you get a great deal - getting your motorbike insurance through Insuro costs an average of £132 per year!

The type of bike you have is likely to be an influence on how much your insurance costs. Quad bikes and motorbikes are likely to cost more to insure than push bikes. If you’re looking at push bike insurance, mountain bikes and road bikes might also differ in how much insurance costs. Customised choppers and cruisers can be of higher cost than standard motorcycles whilst high performance sports bikes are likely to have higher premiums than a basic push bike.

For motorbikes, there are even more factors to think about. A top-of-the-line or high powered bike is naturally going to be more expensive to insure than a more basic model. If you’re currently looking into buying a motorbike, the difference in insurance costs might be worth thinking about when you’re making a decision.

Why compare with Insuro?

Finding the cheapest learner’s motorbike insurance quote as a learner can be pretty challenging and expensive. Save money today by using Insuro to compare the quotes available. Insuro makes comparing quotes easy by providing an insurance comparison service. You can quickly locate the cheapest quote from over 20 insurance companies for your requirements.

Most customers were quoted less than £130** on motorbike insurance. Get comparing quotes today!

What type of licence do you need to ride a motorbike?

You only need a learner’s license and L plates installed onto your vehicle to drive a moped or motorbike in the UK. After completing your compulsory basic training, you can legally ride your motorbike on the road. You can do this without gaining a full motorbike license. However, before you can do this, you must buy learner insurance for your motorbike.

What kind of learner motorbike insurance is available on the market?

There are no specific insurance policies available for learner riders in the UK. As a learner motorbike rider, you must purchase a standard insurance policy, which can be expensive.

Why is learner motorbike insurance so expensive?

When calculating your premium, your insurance providers assess your risk levels. When you are classed as a learner, you are deemed to have less experience on the road than a motorbike rider with a full license, thus making you a higher risk.

Most motorbike riders drive without an experienced driver or instructor; insurance companies assume they are more likely to make mistakes and have more accidents.

What factors can affect a learner’s motorbike insurance quote?

Various factors are considered when assessing your risk and providing an insurance quote. The main factors taken into consideration are:

How to lower learners’ motorbike insurance prices:

Certain aspects, such as your driving experience and age, cannot be changed. However, there are specific steps you can take to lower your motorbike insurance premiums. Ensuring the security of your bike by adding security devices can help reduce the cost of your insurance premium. Different types of insurance policies also cost less in comparison to others. It is essential; however, when deciding which type of policy to purchase, you consider all potential costs. The best way to get cheap insurance is to shop around. You can compare all the policies available for your needs using the learner motorbike insurance comparison service.

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