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HGV Insurance

What does HGV Insurance cover?

To begin, HGV Insurance, or Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance, is a specific type of insurance coverage designed to protect operators and owners of HGVs against potential risks they may encounter in their line of work. HGVs generally refer to vehicles with a gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes.

The UK strongly relies on HGVs, which are integral to the country’s logistics and transportation sectors. According to the Department for Transport, as of 2021, there were nearly 600,000 licensed HGVs in the UK [^1^]. Given this significant number, proper insurance coverage is of utmost importance.

HGV insurance typically encompasses a wide range of potential incidents, including vehicle damage, third-party liability, goods in transit, and breakdown cover. The Road Traffic Act 1988 mandates that at least third-party insurance coverage is required for all vehicles on UK roads [^2^].

What does HGV Insurance Cost?

The cost of HGV insurance can vary significantly, depending on the nature of goods transported, the vehicle’s weight, age, and the driver’s experience and driving history. For instance, data from the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) suggest that younger, less experienced drivers could face higher premiums [^3^].

Additionally, HGV insurance companies often provide customised policies to cater to unique requirements, which can cover specialised goods and operations. A report by the Freight Transport Association revealed that 89% of goods moved within the UK are transported by road [^4^], highlighting the essential role of customised insurance to ensure proper coverage.

In summary, HGV insurance provides critical protection to a significant sector of the UK economy. With the prevalence of HGVs and the high stakes of their operation, operators and owners must secure appropriate and comprehensive coverage.


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What are the common questions relating to HGV insurance?

What Does HGV Insurance Cover?

HGV insurance typically covers damage to the vehicle, third-party liability (if your HGV causes harm to others), goods in transit (covers the cargo ), and breakdown cover (support in case of vehicle breakdowns).

How is the Cost of HGV Insurance Determined?

A variety of factors influence the cost of HGV insurance. These can include the driver’s age and experience, the vehicle’s value, the type and value of goods, and the vehicle’s weight and size.

Do I Need HGV Insurance If My Vehicle is Off the Road?

In the UK, even if your HGV is not currently in use, it must be insured unless declared off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Can I Compare HGV Insurance for Multiple Vehicles?

Many insurance providers offer fleet insurance, covering multiple vehicles under one policy. Additionally, HGV Insurance for multiple vehicles can often be a more convenient and cost-effective solution if you operate several HGVs.

How Can I Reduce My HGV Insurance Premium?

There are several ways to lower the cost of your insurance premium. These include increasing vehicle security, hiring experienced drivers with clean driving records, and opting for a higher voluntary excess. Similarly, demonstrating good risk management, such as regular vehicle maintenance and driver training, can help.

Are Goods in Transit Cover Included in My HGV Insurance?

Interestingly, goods in transit cover is often optional, and policies do not generally cover this as standard in an HGV insurance policy. You should check with your provider if the policy consists of this or is needed separately.

What Is the Difference Between HGV Insurance and Standard Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

By comparison, the primary difference is that HGV insurance is for heavy goods vehicles, which have unique risks due to their size, the nature of the goods they transport, and the long distances they often cover.

Can I Get Temporary HGV Insurance?

Firstly, temporary or short-term HGV insurance is only available from some providers. Temporary insurance can be helpful for situations where you need cover for a brief period, such as hiring a temporary driver or using an additional vehicle; however, not all companies provide this.

Remember, discussing your circumstances with an insurance professional is essential to ensure you get the right coverage for your needs.

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