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Even with bad credit, it is still possible to make significant savings on your home insurance. You can use the comparison form below to compare deals from more than 40 UK home insurance providers. Find a better deal for your bad credit home insurance today!

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How do I get the best deal when looking for bad credit home insurance?

It can be difficult to find an affordable insurance policy when struggling with bad credit. Have you declared bankruptcy in the past or do you struggle with a low credit rating?

It can often feel like there is no suitable insurer for someone in your situation. However, the way that each insurer interprets your previous history can be very different. Some insurers offer much fairer prices than others. This is because:

  • Not all insurance companies use credit-based insurance scores
  • For some insurers, other insurance premium factors are more relevant. These factors include security, construction details and location
  • Variations in how insurers calculate credit-based insurance scores can produce differences in quotes

That’s why it can be very valuable to use the home insurance comparison tool on Insuro to get a better deal. The wide range of insurers compared means that you are possibly more likely to get a quote from the insurers that don’t place as much weight on bad credit.

What if my bad credit home insurance is still too expensive?

There are other practical ways to lower your insurance premiums. Making your home safer and more secure lowers the risk of an insurance claim, saving you money on your policy. To improve your premiums, you should aim to:

  • Ensure that you secure any accessible entrance including windows with high quality locks
  • Fit an alarm system to protect your home while you are away
  • Install multiple smoking alarms throughout your house

Some insurers even lower premiums for customers who join local neighbourhood watch schemes.

Even with added security measures in place, insurance is still a vital part of protecting your home. Use the comparison form today to find out if you can make your bad credit home insurance more affordable.

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