The Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2016

Car Insurance in 2016

The running costs of a car are many and varied, and most of them are widely broadcast and widely known – but it’s the others people often forget to factor in. Of those, possibly the most significant missed expense can be insurance.

However, it doesn’t have to be; some cars are known to be safer than others, and some cars are known to be better than others for insurance.

You can beat the costs somewhat by staying current on which cars come with a high insurance cost and which will win the pack when you make your insurance application.

With that in mind, then, here is a brief review of the cars on the market which will be the cheapest to insure through 2016.

The cheapest car in the UK

The Dacia Sandero 1.2 is already famous for being the cheapest car to buy new, but there’s another positive to the supermini; it’s one of the least expensive cars to insure, too. Budget-conscious brand Dacia is making an impact, and the Sandero perfectly demonstrates why.

Hyundai’s ingenious contribution

The i10 1.0 from Hyundai is a great car for city drivers. While the i10 series built its initial reputation simply for being cheap and cheerful, the new 1.0 has developed the brand into something much more solid and dependable.

A pair of Tepees

Peugeot’s Bipper and Partner Tepees are sizable MPVs without a huge insurance footprint. Some Partner Tepees may not make the grade, but any Bipper Tepee has what it takes to take advantage of the cheapest insurance.

Reinvented smart cars from Renault

The rear-wheel-drive latest edition of the Renaultwingot Twingo, developed in partnership with the innovative electric car brand Smart, is a surprisingly strong return to form for the Twingo brand and capitalises on that innovative design to offer a low-insurance-cost experience for any driver who chooses one.

Straight from Mii U

The SEAT Mii is another of the Volkswagen Group’s designs, and while it might be the first you’ll see in this guide, it won’t be the last. Honing techniques from the Ibiza and Leon, this is a compact, nippy machine with a low, low insurance group – all except the Mii Sport, which nonetheless is still pretty inexpensive.

Skoda offers choice

Between the Citigo compact brand – very close to its stablemate, the Mii – and the revamped Fabia, Skoda offers a few choices while still keeping the insurance cost of its cars down to an entirely acceptable level. Go compact or enjoy your space; the option is up to you.

The car for four is back

The Smart ForFour has returned after around a decade away, and this time the flaws that saw the vehicle vanish within two years look to have been addressed. With several direct comparisons to the Renault Twingo, the same arguments can be made in its favour.

Photo Credit: zenity79 via / CC BY-SA