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Office Insurance

Who needs Office Insurance?

Any business deciding whether to take out an office insurance policy must consider that the value of office equipment almost always represents one of the most significant investments in assets a company makes.

What is Office Insurance, and what could it comprise?

Office insurance protects businesses from potential losses in their workspace in the UK. It covers various aspects:

  1. Contents Insurance: Safeguards office equipment and furniture.
  2. Building Insurance: Protects the physical office structure.
  3. Equipment breakdown: Covers damaged or malfunctioning office equipment.
  4. Business Continuity Cover: Offers compensation for lost income due to unforeseen disruptions.
  5. Public Liability Insurance: Covers injuries or damages to third parties within the office.
  6. Employers’ Liability Insurance: Protects against claims from employees who might be injured at work.
  7. Cyber Insurance: Safeguards against cyber threats, data breaches, or online fraud.
  8. Employee dishonesty: Provides coverage against losses from employee theft or fraud.
  9. Glass coverage: Takes care of the office’s broken windows or glass fixtures.
  10. Legal protection: Helps with legal costs from potential lawsuits related to office operations.

It’s always a good idea for businesses in the UK to consult with a local insurance broker to ensure they get coverage that fits their specific needs.

Office Insurance Options

With that in mind, the question is how comprehensive should the cover taken out be?

This depends entirely on the individual circumstances of the business.

Here are four common types of insurance coverage for office-based businesses:

Things to look out for when procuring Office Insurance

Often, small businesses struggle to ensure their technology stack has proper Office Insurance coverage. Many small I.T.-related service providers in the B2B market invest heavily in computer hardware and associated peripherals. These companies must ensure their Office Insurance policy covers the total replacement cost of this pricey equipment.

Loss of revenue/business interruption

Moreover, businesses should consider the revenue loss from interruptions due to severe office damage. Think of a significant event, like a company office fire. The company might struggle to trade until they replace the office infrastructure.

Other insurance coverage for office-based businesses

Public liability and professional indemnity are standard business requirements and should be considered.

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