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Insurance companies often provide introductory offers and entice customers to buy their home insurance with a free gift. These gifts can result in significant savings on your home insurance. Insuro can help you to break down which offers, gifts and quotes are the cheapest for you.

The first step to finding a better deal on your home insurance is filling in the simple comparison form below. Half of the customers using this comparison form received a quote of under £140 for their building and contents insurance.

Simply fill out the quick and easy form to receive your home insurance quotes now!

You can find quotes from over 40 UK home insurance providers including:

  • Green Insurance Company
  • British Gas
  • Quote Your Home
  • Hastings Direct
  • AXA-Home
  • American Express
  • Together Mutual Insurance
  • More Than

How can I get my home insurance with a free gift and what sort of offers are available?

Many insurance providers featured on the comparison form above provide offers and deals to their customers that could make your quote even cheaper. You can use the comparison form to compare quotes and then take advantage of the latest deals available. Here are some real examples of offers from listed providers:

  • 10% extra contents cover for no additional cost
  • Several months free of charge with your first year of insurance
  • Policy extras like accidental damage cover provided as standard

How regularly should I check my home insurance for a free gift and additional savings?

Home insurance prices are constantly changing, as are the policies sold to the customer. Insuro recommends that at the very least you check home insurance quotes once every year, though you can often find greater savings with more regular checks.

The competition in the insurance industry means that you can often find brand new policies for home insurance with free gifts and additional savings. Prices and policies are continuously updated meaning that at any time you could find an improved quote, even from your own provider.
However often you decide to check your insurance, you can make the process fast and effective by using the comparison form above. The form only takes about 5 minutes to complete and just requires basic information about your home, current cover and personal circumstances. Ready to get started? Simply type your details into the form to begin!


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