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Compare Taxi Fleet Insurance Online

Taxi Fleet Insurance Comparison: Cover

If your taxi business has a fleet of three or more vehicles, it may be eligible for taxi fleet insurance policies.

It is a legal requirement for any vehicle on the road to have vehicle insurance. If you employ anyone other than yourself in your company, you must also carry employer liability insurance. However, there are several different areas of cover that many taxi businesses want to have.

These include:

There are two other significant factors affecting the cost of your insurance. First is the type of taxi company you are; private hire or public hire.

Private hire taxi companies only take pre-booked passengers, while public hire companies may take passengers off the street without prior booking.

The other important factor is whether you want limited or unlimited mileage insurance. If your vehicles exceed the mileage cap, little mileage insurance is invalidated, which can be restrictive for some companies. However, complete mileage insurance costs more. The reason for this is simple – the more distance travelled, the greater the potential risk of an accident.

Taxi Fleet Insurance Comparison: Price

A lower insurance premium makes for a more significant profit margin assuming the same trips are taken at the same fares. However, cutting your tips by cutting your cover is a risk, and you should bear it in mind when comparing taxi fleet policies.

Using a comparison form like the one above will provide you with quotes appropriate for businesses like yours. Depending on the vehicles in your fleet and the cover you want, which of the options is best for you may vary; take the time to review your options and make sure the one you choose is one you’re happy with. If you need to make a claim, nothing feels more frustrating than realising that you chose a policy that didn’t cover you against this claim.

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