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Compare 125cc Motorbike Insurance Quotes

What is motorbike insurance?

Just as car insurance is an important legal requirement, motorbike insurance is, too, if you use your vehicle on public roads. Coverage is necessary if you store your bike on a public road and don't ride it. Off-road quad bikes don't have to be insured, but it might still be a wise decision for peace of mind and protection in an accident. Insurance is especially worth considering if you use your quad bike regularly and are more likely to have an accident.

For motorbikes, mopeds, and quad bikes, having insurance can protect you if your bike is stolen or damaged. It's also an advantage if you're in an accident while on your bike. You can also purchase specialist learners' motorbike insurance. Whatever your level of riding experience is, Insuro can help you find a good value insurance policy to match.

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How much does motorbike insurance cost?

Predicting how much your bike insurance will cost can often be challenging. Several different factors influence how much your premiums are likely to be. We can help you get a great deal - getting your motorbike insurance through Insuro costs an average of £195 annually!

The type of bike you have is likely to influence how much your insurance costs. Superbikes will likely cost more to insure than mopeds and 125cc. Customised choppers and cruisers can cost more than standard motorcycles, whilst high-performance sports bikes are likely to have higher premiums than entry-level bikes.

For motorbikes, there are even more factors to consider. A top-of-the-line or high-powered bike will naturally be more expensive to insure than a more basic model. If you're currently looking into buying a motorbike, the difference in insurance costs might be worth thinking about when you're making a decision.

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125cc Motorbike Insurance Options:

125cc motorbike is a cheaper alternative to travelling by car. Compare 125cc motorbike insurance prices today and get quoted under £130**. At Insuro, it is easy and fast to compare 125cc Motorbike insurance quotes.

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What type of license do you need to get 125cc motorbike insurance?

Insurance for your bike is available with any license. However, it is important to note that the more experience you have riding the motorcycle, the less risk you will pose on the road. This will result in a cheaper policy.

Motorbike insurance is available for provisional learners if they have completed the compulsory basic training and have L plates installed onto their motorbike. If you own a provisional license, you will be classed as a learner driver regardless of how long you have been riding your bike. This means that your insurance premiums will be higher than if you had a full motorbike license.

What are the different types of 125cc motorbike insurance policies available?

The amount of coverage included in your motorbike insurance will vary between insurance providers. Some providers will provide certain aspects of body, at the price you were quoted, while others will require you to purchase these aspects as add-ons. Your insurance policy may cover the following:

What information do you need to receive an insurance quote?

When searching for an insurance quote, there is some standard information that you will need to provide. It is important to make sure that this information is available at hand when searching for insurance quotes: