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Multi car insurance policies have the potential to really save you money if you are insuring more than one vehicle. With Insuro, you can search for competitive insurance policies and then easily view and compare the options. We make it simple to find low-cost multi car insurance when you use our handy comparison tool – it’s never been easier to find insurance you’re satisfied with.

Insuro quickly compares quotes from over 100 UK insurance providers. We’re confident we can help you find a great deal that’s right for you.

Easy online comparison tool

It’s so easy to find multi car insurance policies you’ll love when you use our straightforward online tool. Once you’ve filled out your details, we find great value deals to suit you from a wide range of insurers. View and compare your quotes immediately or retrieve them later. All you need to do to get started is complete our online form.

Save on your multi car insurance

You might save money when you compare multi car insurance policies through us. Half of the customers using our comparison service were quoted under £350* for their car insurance. If you want multi car cover that’s still affordable, enter your details now to see great value insurance quotes.

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If you’re ready to find insurance policies that’ll really impress you, you’re in the right place. Complete our simple form now and let Insuro find and compare the options for your household – you could be looking at multi car insurance deals within minutes! If you’d prefer multi car insurance deals over the phone, please contact our team now on 0800 0316 311.

*50% of customers who bought their car insurance through this comparison service, which provided by Seopa, were quoted under £350 (Jan ’16 sales).

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