Why you should compare your car insurance premiums every year

Everyone wants to find the best deal on their car insurance. Next to affordability, however, is convenience. Many drivers will neglect to compare car insurance quotes yearly, simply sticking with their previous provider. They presume their premiums automatically go down year on year – the truth, however, is vastly different.

Here’s why you should always make the effort to shop around when it’s time for renewal.

You will save more money

Many insurance providers will bank on the fact that customers will value their time above all else. That means they’ll put their insurance premium on direct debit every month, then just let the policy roll on year to year.

That’s certainly the most convenient way of doing things, but it’s not the way to do it if saving money is actually a priority. As customers are prone to letting policies roll over year to year, this means insurance providers are under no onus to actually reduce premiums by any considerable margin.

Customers, on the other hand, who show a proactive approach and shop around toward the end of their policy are almost certain to find more appealing deals. Even just telling the insurance company the policy is currently with that you’re shopping around can encourage a more generous offer to stay put.

It’s so easy to shop around

The grim irony of it all is that millions are missing out on saving money because they think it’s more convenient not to. The reality is, though, that it’s now so easy thanks to specialist comparison tools that getting over a dozen quotes takes only a few minutes of your time.

Simply put in the details of your car, your personal details, and the details of your policy and you’ll get a number of quotes back almost instantly that could save you considerably. It’s worth investing just a small amount of time when your policy is due to see what other options are available.

Shopping around always pays, and if you use Insuro you can get a number of quotes in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

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