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Vehicle insurance is legally required before you can drive your vehicle on public roads. Your insurance policy protects you from liability in case of accidents. A claim against it can address injuries to you and others as well as damage to property and other vehicles if you have the type of insurance policy that covers this.

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Comparing Vehicle Insurance

Not all vehicle insurance provides the same level of cover. This is one of the biggest factors affecting how high your policy’s premiums are, but there are others:

  • The age of the driver (young drivers are considered riskier)
  • The value of the vehicle (more expensive vehicles cost more to repair or replace)
  • The driver’s record (drivers with previous insurance claims usually pay more)

Some policies add extra limitations which reduce the cost of the policy, but mean that it will not pay out if you’re found to have ignored these limits.

Two major examples of this are black box/telematics insurance and limited mileage insurance.  Limited mileage insurance is simple – if you go beyond the mileage you’re insured for, your insurance is invalid – but black box insurance can take a little more explaining. Named after the ‘black boxes’ which record aircraft flight data, it provides a clear record of your driving and can be used to prove whether you were at fault or not.

Vehicle insurance is broken down into several categories. These include:

If you’re intending to insure multiple vehicles for your business, you may get a better deal with motorfleet insurance. Most business customers should also consider goods in transit insurance.

There are also specialist packages for taxi drivers, minibus firms, and limousine hire companies which include both the legally required vehicle insurance as well as other cover often used by businesses in those fields.

The Online Comparison Process

Online comparison streamlines the process of gathering quotes and ensures you don’t accidentally overlook key providers. Filling out the form above will call for tailored quotes from over sixty insurance vendors.

Take care when reviewing these quotes not to choose a policy which offers less cover than you feel you need. Once you have a shortlist of suitable quotes, it’s time to take price into account to whittle down that shortlist and make your selection.

Online comparison tools make collecting quotes much easier and faster, but the decision is yours. Make sure you’re comfortable with your chosen policy.

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