UK Car Insurance Stats 2017

UK car insurance costs can be steep for most drivers and statistics from show the average annual costs per driver amounted to around £484 in the year 2017. This annual cost does show an average rise of 11% for most drivers during the year, even though there’s now a total of almost one million drivers with black boxes installed to follow insurance policy regulations. also state that around 3mn UK drivers use dash cams for recording journeys, and up to 4% of UK drivers don’t own any form of motor insurance and drive illegally.

More about UK car insurance statistics

When it comes to number crunching average costs for UK motor insurances, the figures highlight that policy costs have been rising on a year on year basis since 2010. The costs of comprehensive motor insurance premiums have risen by 48% during this period, with third party, fire and theft insurances rising a massive 79%.

Some other useful motor insurance stats for 2017

When it comes to uninsured drivers, the total of around 1mn has actually halved since 2004. All insured drivers have a proportion of their insurance premiums paid direct to the Motor Insurance Bureau. They operate a scheme to compensate any people injured by drivers that are uninsured or cannot be traced.

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