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If your business involves driving, interacting with or working on customers’ vehicles, you’ll need trade car insurance for ultimate peace of mind. Even if you never hop behind the wheel, you’ll still need trade car insurance to protect you against accidental damage or other risks that arise from the work you do. At Insuro, we’ll help you find and compare trade insurance quotes quickly online from a wide range of insurance providers.

Getting the right deal at the best possible price is important, allowing you to do what you love while enjoying suitable financial protection, so why not use our comparison tool today?

What is trade car insurance?

Trade car insurance – also known as motor trade insurance or traders’ insurance – is a policy that protects businesses and staff that drive or work on customers’ vehicles or those that the company owns. Often, flexibility runs through the heart of this policy. For example, it can allow any mechanic to drive any vehicle in order to get the job done properly.

Trade car insurance is vital for a wide range of businesses including mobile tyre replacement services, scrap yards, car valeting companies, vehicle restoration businesses and more. As a rule, if you’re in the care of customers’ vehicles or have many different company-owned vehicles on-site, you will need this type of insurance.

Even if you do not typically drive the vehicles on your premises, trade car insurance can protect against accidental damage or any other problems that result from vehicle maintenance or repairs. Both limited companies and those who are self-employed should have the right policy in place.

What does motor trade insurance cover?

Motor trade insurance can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. So, think carefully about the risks you encounter on a daily basis as that will help you compare and contrast the right level of cover from our wide range of providers. Common aspects covered by motor trade policies include things such as road risk, employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance, product liability insurance, material damage cover and extra drivers.

Compare cheap trade car insurance today from or contact Insuro to retrieve your quote.

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