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Third Party Car Insurance

Third-party car insurance provides cover if/when you cause an accident or damage to someone else while driving and they make a claim against you. We have a wide range of third-party policies available for comparison, so take a look at our handy guide before starting your search.

What is third-party car insurance?

Third-party insurance is the lowest, most basic level of insurance required to legally drive a car. It will only cover the damage or injury you incur to someone else. It does, however, cover anyone else in your car at the time of the claim.

Why might you want third-party car insurance?

Generally, third-party insurance is suited to drivers who are more likely to claim on any damage that they personally cause. Similarly, drivers who don’t mind paying their own repair charges if it means they don’t need to claim on insurance would find value in a third-party policy as you would only have to claim for damage caused to the other driver.

Third-party policies generally exist for those deemed ‘higher-risk drivers’. This is why insurance companies have the leverage to charge a higher than normal annual or monthly fee than the popular comprehensive or third-party, fire and theft policies.

The risk-based nature of third-party insurance means the costs are woven into your regular payments, so if a claim does follow, the chances are you will pay less than you would if you were under another policy plan.

What is and isn’t covered by third-party insurance?

If you do happen to have an accident driving a third-party insured car, here is what you can expect to be covered for:

– Injury to the other driver or passengers

– Any damage caused to the other driver’s vehicle

– Damage caused to third-party property

However, your insurance provider may not cover the following:

– Personal medical and legal costs

– Any damage to your own vehicle inflicted by your own actions

– Theft, damage and fire

– Any damage to your personal belongings

– Cosmetic faults e.g windscreen damage Now you know what third-party car insurance is, use our comparison checker to dive in and start comparing policies. Our price comparison checker not only makes it easy to compare third-party coverage, but you are also able to see how they compare to other policies. With just a few details, we can find the right policy for you stress-free!

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