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Sometimes, the best way to organise your car insurance isn’t the standard year-long policy. Sure, the incremental bonuses for careful drivers over years make a good policy into an investment, but there are plenty of situations in which that kind of investment just isn’t a smart move.

Why You Might Want Short Term Car Insurance

As well as the obvious uses for rental cars, short term policies are used in a number of other ways. Temporary car insurance is much beloved, for example, of car collectors who may only wish to take some of their classic cars out for a spin on the occasional weekend, and for whom paying for a full year at a time would be a waste.

Some learner drivers, who have enough demands on their time that their lessons must be scheduled far apart, and students who use their parents’ car while home for the holidays, may find that it’s more economical to take out short term policies than maintain a full year’s payments or be included as an additional driver.

And in those cases, it gets better; the parents’ own insurance is protected from any accidents their children may have.

What’s more, because these policies are also designed to be used in emergencies, you can arrange for your policy to be active from the moment you complete your application, meaning that you’ll be road legal in moments. Not a bad precautionary measure before you drive your new vehicle home, if you’re buying from a private individual – you can stay covered while you arrange a more permanent policy.

What To Keep In Mind

It does often make economic sense to arrange short term car insurance – but because you can’t expect the same kinds of loyalty and no-claims reductions to affect your policy as years tick by, you could argue that it’s even more important to ensure you get the right policy for you right from the off – especially so when arranging emergency coverage, as that usually comes up alongside a host of other sudden unplanned expenses.

Because of the wide variety of uses to which these policies are put, it’s possible to save a larger percentage than usual through selecting the company and policy with great care. Remember – you need to personalise this to your needs, your vehicle, and your budget.

When using quote comparison tools, it’s more important than ever that you don’t simply skim the results/ Make sure that the period for which your temporary policy will run is enough to cover your current needs; if you can, make sure it’s exactly as long as you need and no longer, although for emergency use you may wish to allow a little leeway in case things aren’t resolved as quickly as you hope.

Check what you’re covered against, and how much they’re charging you for that coverage. These policies have more variables than a typical year’s package, so you need to know you’re comparing like to like.

For the most part, car insurance is renewed year after year on 12-month contracts, and in most circumstances this model of car insurance survives because it works better than any alternative.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and one of the solutions to that is to take out a temporary car insurance policy instead.

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Simply put, temporary car insurance is insurance which isn’t expected to be renewed and which lasts for a period of less than twelve months.

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Why Would You Want Temporary Car Insurance?

Typical reasons to want temporary policies include use of a car borrowed from friends or family, or driving a car which is usually kept under a Statutory Off-Road Notification except for special events (the case with classic cars in some collections)
Most temporary policies are taken out to allow students home for the holidays to drive their parents’ car. It can be cheaper than adding an extra driver to the car’s primary insurance policy, and it prevents the student’s driving from potentially affecting the primary no-claims bonus.

Choosing the Right Policy

There is no one-size-fits-all perfect policy in any type of car insurance, and temporary policies are certainly no exception. When you compare temporary car insurance policies, you should always bear in mind your own budget and the coverage you want.

It’s important to choose the best policy for you, and reviewing a wide range of quotes gives you a much better chance to find something perfect for your circumstances. It can be a lot quicker and simpler to compare insurance policies online.

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