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Temporary Car Insurance

Last-minute trip? Planning a short break? Temporary car insurance provides the flexibility needed for those quick decisions. Ranging from 1 hour to 30 days, temporary car insurance offers a number of benefits.

What actually is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance policies provide temporary cover to suit your needs. These types of policy are particularly favourable for those intending to drive someone else’s car, normally with little notice beforehand.

The vehicle owner doesn’t have to do a thing, which makes taking out a temporary policy quick and hassle-free.

The policy will not affect yours or the owner’s no-claims discount if anything goes wrong, however, it may still have an adverse effect on the future price of your premiums.

When might you want a temporary policy?

Sometimes things happen that we aren’t expecting and hence are unprepared for. Here are some possible scenarios which suit a temporary policy.

– Learning to drive

– Getting a new car home

– Moving home or furniture

– Borrowing a vehicle from someone you know

– Occasional driving… perhaps the odd weekend drive in your classic car

– Emergency situations where you are required to drive someone else’s car for them

What does temporary car insurance cover?

Usually, temporary policies offer a good level of cover. You will normally be provided with fully comprehensive cover, however, it isn’t uncommon for some providers to also offer third-party as well as third-party, fire and theft. For a short-term policy, comprehensive cover in most cases will be the most appropriate – this means you’ll be covered for any third-party damage inflicted by yourself or another vehicle as well as loss, theft or damage.

Whatever your needs, we understand the immediacy required when taking out a temporary car insurance policy. This is why, at Insuro, our quick and painless comparison checker does all the work for you. You’ll be on the road in no time with the best policy for the job! What are you waiting for?

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