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Up to 50% of People Can Save on Temporary Car Insurance

What is temporary car insurance?

Every driver has a different type of insurance policy that best suits them. Among the various different types of policy is temporary car insurance. Sometimes, we need to get behind the wheel of someone else’s car without much notice. Often, the best option, in this case, would be temporary car insurance. You can choose how long you need the policy for and what you want the policy to cover. The price of your coverage may vary according to how much cover you require and how long you need the cover for. There are a variety of reasons why someone might be well suited to a temporary car insurance policy. These include:

– Needing to drive someone else’s car in an emergency

– Visiting family or friends and sharing the driving – For business use – Testing a new car

– Moving house or moving furniture

It’s illegal to drive any car without insurance, even if you’ve just bought it and want to drive it home. Temporary car insurance is the perfect solution for all sorts of situations. It’s easy to sort out a temporary car insurance policy. The owner of the vehicle doesn’t need to do anything, and it doesn’t affect either party’s no claims discount. It just means another person is covered to drive the vehicle, which can be very useful in many situations. Are there other uses for temporary car insurance? You can use your temporary car insurance policy to tax your vehicle. You can also get temporary insurance for your van, and temporary business insurance if an employee needs to borrow the van too. It can also be a cost-effective solution if you use your vehicle for business but don’t want or need year-round business cover.

How do you find the cheapest temporary car insurance?

Finding the cheapest temporary car insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, here at Insuro, we’ve made it super easy with our comparison tool. By using our comparison tool, up to 50% of people can save on their car insurance*. There are many factors than can affect the cost of temporary car insurance. These factors include:

– Age of the driver

– Make and model of the vehicle

– Years of experience of the driver

– Previous insurance claims

– How long you want the temporary insurance for

– How much cover you want from the insurance

When filling in our form, it’s important to give the correct information, as this will help you find the cheapest temporary insurance deals for you. If your quotes are higher than you expected, review the form and ensure all details regarding no claims discount, age, and experience, are correct. Here at Insuro, we know that car insurance costs can be expensive. We don’t want anything to be holding you back from the freedom of the road, so we’ve made sure it’s easy and simple to find the right temporary car insurance for you.

Can I save money on my current temporary insurance policy?

We’re pretty sure you can! In fact, by using our comparison tool, half of our customers could save up to £271 on their insurance policies*. If you’ve used temporary insurance before, you might have fallen into the routine of always using the same provider. You could be missing out on great deals and savings if you haven’t done your market research! Thanks to our comparison tool, you don’t need to spend hours comparing quotes for a little saving. In fact, you can compare quotes in minutes. By mixing up who provides your temporary insurance, you can keep more money in your pocket. Perhaps you have a higher level of cover than you need or are taking on policies for longer than you need to. It’s always worth checking, just in case you could be making a substantial saving.

How can Insuro help me?

You can compare quotes from car insurance providers using our speedy online comparison service. It compares quotes from over 100 UK providers to find the right one for you. Alongside our online comparison service, we also offer telephone support so you can speak to an expert who can tailor your insurance for you. We want your policy to be your perfect fit, and believe car insurance that suits you is crucial when it comes to being confident on the road. For more detailed help finding the cheapest temporary car insurance that works for you, call us today on 0800 0316 311. *(Jan ’16 Sales)

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