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Statistically speaking, female drivers tend to be safer than their male counterparts, and for quite some time it was the case that this was reflected in the insurance policies available.
As of March 2011, however, EU equality directives have forbidden the use of gender in determining insurance rates. That’s the bad news; the good news for lady drivers is that it’s still entirely permissible to take a motorist’s past history into account as well as other demographic information, like age, which might benefit you.
There was a substantial increase in premiums for women drivers as a result of this policy change, and as such it’s even more important now than it was before to ensure that your quote is as low as you can take it without compromising on what you need.
For example, you may want to be sure that your policy guarantees the immediate supply of a courtesy car should an emergency take yours out of active service for a time. The school run, like the drive to work, is always with us and can’t simply be put off for a few days.

Factors That Will Affect Your Insurance Quote

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Obviously, there are still plenty of reasons why a woman driver might have an advantage over her typical male counterpart in the insurance market. No insurance company will fail to pay attention to key questions which can indicate how safe a driver someone is, and factors like the model of car you drive, any modifications you’ve had made, and your age will all play a role.
As some cars are more typically ‘female’ cars, it’s likely that while girl drivers can’t rely on age, experience, and past record to lift them out of the worst premiums out there, just the vehicle they drive will clue insurance companies in that they’re a better risk than their male peers driving vehicles modified with expensive rims, spoilers, and the like – separating themselves from the ‘boy racer’ image and keeping them clear of the greatest expense.
There are up to fifty different ‘groups’ of car model for these purposes, but modifications to the vehicle will adjust this on a case-by-case basis.

Choosing the Package That’s Right for You

It’s always important to shop around and make sure that you’re getting the best deal for you, but if your driving history is typical of most female drivers, you’ll be fine – statistically, female drivers tend to claim, when they claim, for less substantial issues than an average male driver’s claim, and they also find themselves needing to claim far less often.
Using Insuro’s quote generation and comparison tool (provided by quotezome), you’ll be well served to take your time, examining the various deals and trade-offs carefully until you know exactly which package is going to be best for your specific, unique circumstances.

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