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Provisional Insurance

Despite not being a legal requirement for those wishing to pass their driving test, provisional insurance is a good idea for those with a provisional license wanting to take to the roads in their own car, or the car of a family member.

Competitively priced provisional insurance

Here at Insuro, we’re the proud providers of competitively priced, affordable provisional insurance. So whether you’re 17 and just getting started, or 40 wanting to dictate a change of pace in your life, our company is a leading provider of the provisional insurance that will get you started.

Why is provisional insurance a good idea?

To put it simply, provisional insurance is a great idea for any learner driver because it gives you confidence in the car. With provisional insurance, you can be taught to drive by any fully-qualified license holder of 3 years or more, over the age of 21. This could mean a family member or friend, as opposed to a driving instructor.

You should note that the accompanying driver must always sit in the front passenger’s seat while you are driving, and they must be fully attentive at all times.

What does provisional insurance cover?

Insuro is a UK-wide provider of provisional insurance, which protects learner drivers on the road. Typically, provisional insurance offers the same level of comprehensive coverage as drivers’ insurance for those that are fully licensed, which means you’re protected against theft, car accidents, fires, and even malicious damage.

There may be different provisional insurance policies available depending on your unique circumstances and an array of affecting factors, such as whether or not a black box has been installed on the intended vehicle. A member of the Insuro team will talk you through your options during an initial consultation.

Invest in provisional insurance today

To invest in provisional insurance offered by a secure, affordable, UK-wide provider, contact the Insuro team. We’ll talk you through the process step-by-step, including exactly what your chosen provisional insurance policy covers or doesn’t cover.

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