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    How to Find Cheap Student Car insurance Quotes:

    Looking for student car insurance? With so many outgoings and limited funds saving money where possible, as a student is essential. Save money by using Insuro’s insurance comparison service to find the cheapest student car insurance quote available on the market.

    Save over  £200** on your student car insurance quote today!

    Get instant student car insurance quotes by filling out the simple form below, or click here to retrieve your quote.

    Why is student car insurance so expensive?

    Car insurance rates are not high for students, but instead the age bracket that most students fall into. Drivers aged 17 – 24 statistically tend to have more accidents than their older counterparts.

    This is due to their lack of driving experience. As well as this, students normally live in areas with cheaper rent and higher rates of crime, thus raising the chances of car vandalism and theft. In an attempt to safeguard themselves from this risk, insurance companies charge student’s higher premiums.

    How to find cheap student car insurance:

    While car insurance is something you cannot escape as it is required by law, there are things that you can do to try to lower your premium.

    • Opt for a smaller car: This may be something that you can not do if you have already purchased your vehicle. If you are still looking around it is better to opt for a smaller run-around car. The more expensive models are more likely to be damaged or be stolen, thus raising premiums when trying to insure them.
    • Add a named driver to your policy: Having a more experienced, older driver named on your policy can substantially reduce your premium costs. This is because insurance providers think that the more people you have on your insurance the less time you will spend driving your car.
    • Take a pass plus test: By taking this test you demonstrate to insurance companies that you know what you are doing on the road. This reduces your risk that you post towards them, and can result in discounts.
    • Shop around: It can be quite surprising how much money you can save by comparing different insurance quotes. Use Insuro’s car insurance comparison service to find quotes quickly and easily.

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