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Car Insurance Comparison for Green Cars, Hybrid Cars & Electric Cars

As eco-friendly vehicles continue to grow in popularity and variety, insurers are developing and refining policies that take into account the unique strength and weaknesses of hybrids, electric cars, and other eco cars.

Do you own a Electric, Hybrid or Green Car? Or Perhaps you are looking to purchase one? Why not compare Insurance Quotes below:

A Growing Understanding of the Eco, Green, Hybrid and Electric Car Market

Because hybrid and electric cars and other green and energy efficient vehicle designs are relatively new. And because their reliance on other energy sources. Means they ignore some issues with traditional car engines and are affected by others. Insurance policies which cover them often have surprising differences from typical car policies.

Things for Electric Car Owners to Watch For

Car Insurance

If, for example, you drive an electric car where the battery has to be leased. This can affect the cover required – and so can the recharging process.

Most recharging points are sited in places with low crime rates and surrounding security. But if you find yourself charging at one which doesn’t on a regular basis. So that has the potential to significantly affect your cover.

The High Price of Hybrid Insurance

It’s a common myth that hybrid cars are targeted with unusually high premiums. It’s certainly true that a typical hybrid policy has a high premium. But there’s a reason for that.

Hybrids save on fuel, and many hybrid owners buy them. Because they travel many more miles than a typical motorist. As with any long-distance driver. This is increases the risk of being in an accident and a greater risk means a higher premium.

Comparing Policies Carefully

It’s always important to compare policies with care, making sure they offer the cover you need and provide it for a good price. Owners of green cars are no exception, and should take full advantage of online comparison portals to bring in a wide selection from which to choose.


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