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Comprehensive Car Insurance UK

Comprehensive car insurance (UK) is designed to protect the policyholder against losses not covered by third-party liability. Having comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle makes you prepared in the case of needing to restore your car to its original condition.

What is comprehensive car insurance (UK)?

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of standard car insurance available for drivers in the UK. Unless you are driving a specialised vehicle or transporting items for a business, comprehensive car insurance is the most cover you are likely to need. Also known as ‘fully comp’, comprehensive car insurance covers repairs to your own vehicle as well as other vehicles you may damage. It also covers you in cases where you can’t prove who is to blame, such as somebody damaging your car and then driving off.

What are the alternatives?

The other common types of car insurance are Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft. Third Party is the most basic policy, covering only damage to other cars and people. Third-Party Fire and Theft gives you slightly more cover by covering your own car if it is stolen or damaged by fire.

Third-party is a legal requirement because it covers all damages and medical costs to people other than the policyholder or his/her family who might be injured or killed in an accident but caused by the policyholder. This protects both you and your legal liability insurer from any claims. If there were no third-party cover in place, any claim would place a claim on your own policy, whether the claim was legit or fraudulent. You would have to pay out from your own pocket in order for the claim to go through.

You can find out more information about the alternatives to comprehensive car insurance on U Switch, click here.

Why choose comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is the best choice for drivers who want complete peace of mind. Third party policies are cheaper, but you will have to pay for any repairs to your own vehicle if you have an accident. This will usually cancel out any savings, making a comprehensive policy the better value option in the long run. Without a comprehensive policy, you may even end up paying for an entirely new car if your vehicle is written off after an accident.

Is comprehensive car insurance necessary?

Considered to be the “all-inclusive” coverage, comprehensive car insurance is necessary because it pays out if hit by unforeseen forces. The general rule is that this cover is not a legal requirement except for a Third-party insurance cover. Comprehensive car insurance is designed to cover you for most eventualities outside your control. It is an ideal option for those who require coverage. For instance, any damage or losses not caused by collisions, weather-related incidents, and for certain medical issues that may arise while driving.

What does this type of insurance cover?

Whether you’re driving your own vehicle or a company car; your comprehensive insurance will help protect your investment from the risk of theft, collision, and more. This insurance covers the following damage to your vehicle including:

  • theft
  • fire
  • vandalism – even if the vehicle is not in use.

Other benefits include:

  • cover for personal belongings in the car
  • cover for legal costs incurred from an accident.

What It doesn’t cover?

  • medical expenses
  • damage to other people’s property
  • stolen items for your car

Is comprehensive car insurance expensive?

As you would expect, comprehensive car insurance costs more than a basic policy. Your insurer will have to pay out more if you are involved in an accident, and your premiums will reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal. There are dozens of car insurance companies to choose from so it always pays to shop around. At Insuro, we make it our mission to find you the most competitive prices on comprehensive car insurance. Compare today and see how much you can save.

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