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When comparing restaurant insurance policies online, it’s important to know what cover you must have, what you are willing to go without, and what would be nice but isn’t essential.

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Restaurant Insurance Cover You May Need

What kinds of cover might be included in a restaurant insurance policy? Let’s begin with the most obvious.

It is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in any business with staff other than the owner. Some restaurants may only have the employer working there, but this is very rare. To protect against injury or accident befalling customers, public liability insurance is usually taken out, and commercial property insurance is also common. A restaurant kitchen is an investment that deserves protecting, after all!

Business interruption insurance is another type of cover many business owners feel more secure if they have. It protects you if you must cease trading for a significant period for reasons outside your control.

If the restaurant is part of a larger business – a hotel restaurant, for example – further cover may also be expected. While many larger restaurants have company vehicles to make purchasing ingredients easier, these will be handled separately.

Making Cover Comparisons

You may find that some of this cover is more important (or less), depending upon your business’ unique circumstances. But once you know what you need, you can compare policies more easily.

By filling out the form provided on this page by Seopa, you’ll be given a list of quotes suitable for your circumstances. You can safely ignore any policy which doesn’t offer the cover you need.

Online comparison speeds up the quote collection process so much that you can afford to take your time over picking your policy. Make sure that the policy you finally choose is one you’re happy with. And remember, when it’s time to renew your restaurant insurance, that you may be missing out on a better deal if you don’t check.


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